Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Fonts for You & A Future Giveaway!!

So I finally got around to fixing my fonts that I had created. Hadar--I tried your spacing suggestion, but it didn't quite work! Bummer! Anywho, they are all fixed now and ready for you to download, for FREE! I just ask that you provide credit back to my blog if you use these fonts on TpT, TN, etc. :)

Soon enough I will create a page tab at the top of my blog so you can have quick links to find my fonts. In the meantime, click the preview images below of each font to download it.

CTPlain Font



CTDot Print


I've had some questions about whether or not I used my finger or a stylus pen for these. Originally I had used my finger. It was super easy. That is what I made CTChunk Dot with. Then, I happened to stumble across a stylus pen for iPad at Marshalls! I bought it to try out and that is what I used to fix the fonts. I don't think I have a preference for either one. I loved how the fonts turn out with both my finger & the stylus pen!

P.S. you still have a few more hours to save 15% on ALL ITEMS in my TpT store during my flash sale! I'm $5 away from my sales goal for the quarter! If I exceed this goal, I'll have a giveaway for 5 lucky winners to win my newest Apples, Apples, Apples Unit!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apples, Apples, Apples! & FLASH SALE

Well this genius mixed up their theme weeks and while I had planned to do apples last week and this coming week, I actually did colors instead. So we're flip flopping those 2. My bad.

Purchasing these items individually in my store would cost you $6.50

Well this year, I have created a 60 page Apples Unit that includes all 3 of those activities, and  7 MORE! You can purchase the Unit for $9.00. That's only $2.50 more for 7 additional activities!

Included Activities:

Apple Dramatic Play: Print as many items as you need to set up your apple bakery in dramatic play. Add plastic apples, pie tins, baskets, rolling pins, and empty spice containers. There are also vocabulary cards to display in your house area, or use to introduce the theme. (pg. 3-10)

Number Recognition: Print these number cards and laminate. Students count the apples and find the correct number to velcro to the card. Use the recording sheet to set this up as a math center. (pg. 11-21)

Apple Counting: I recommend the Martha Stewart apple punch for counting manipulatives for this activity, but you could use erasers, mini apples, red pom-poms, etc. Students have to count out the number of apples needed for each basket. Numbers 1-12 (pg. 22- 33)

Apple Memory: print 2 sets of these cards to play an apple memory and/or matching game. (pg. 34 36)

Apple Sequence: Sequence the apple cards of the seeds, the tree, the single apple, the apple slices, and the apple pie. Also included is a cut and paste worksheet for the same activity. The worksheet could be printed on card stock and laminated and simply used as an activity board for younger students (pg. 37- 39)

Apple Alphabet Game: Cut out apples to place in a pocket chart or on the floor. Hide the worm behind an apple. Students identify a letter and check to see if the worm is hiding behind it. Play until the worm is found! Great time filler activity & way to practice letter identification! (pg. 40- 42)

Apple Action Cards: Print and laminate these apples (14) for the students to “pick” an apple. I display mine on a tree made with bulletin board paper or draw one on a whiteboard. Read the action out loud and do it as a group. Keep picking until each student has a turn. (pg. 43- 49)

Apple Puzzles: Cut out the puzzle pieces and students put them together by placing strips in number order. (pg. 50- 52)

Apple Taste Testing: taste test red, green, and yellow apples in the classroom. Give students the color apple that corresponds to their favorite one. Display on your chalk board, easel, chart paper, etc. Use the graphing worksheet to complete as a whole group. (pg. 53- 54)

Magnet Activities: Print these pages, laminate, and put them on a cheap cookie sheet. Students use circular magnets to place on the white circles. (pg. 55- 59)

Here are some previews:

To download this apples unit, click here to go to my TpT store! Check out my other items too, this flash sale of 15% off ends Sunday Night!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's Learn Colors!

We're starting a colors theme next week and as I was planning last week I realized things were going to be a lot different with this group of kiddos than the students I have had in the past. [Which will most likely be the case EVERY week I plan!] 
I'm faced with a lot of expressive language challenges so I needed to think of new activities that can test my students knowledge without expecting them to always provide a verbal response.

I thought of a color book activity to make and from there I wound up with a whole unit for colors! Here is the preview of the color book.

I've also included a copy of my Pete the Cat Activity Cards in this unit. We will be doing that activity this week & it fits so nicely with a colors unit!

Here are some other activities included:

....and more! Head over to TpT to see the full product list! :)

Click the image.


Friday, September 21, 2012


Um. Addict. Font Addict. I was honestly shocked I hadn't found the fonts by Nicole at Rowdy in Room 300 before Kristin's post about them. I downloaded them as fast as I could, and then bought the font making app as fast as I could. It is SO.DARN.COOL!

I played around on it last night, made 2 font sets, then played around on it AGAIN when I got home work. I realized I need to work on the spacing between each of my letters. I realized that before putting this font together, but the others will need some tweaking first!

Click the font to download

Feel free to download this font and use it til your little hearts content! :) No questions asked. A link back to this post would certainly be appreciated though!

Can't wait to see how many more bloggers invest in this app ($6.99) and start making adorable fonts to share!

P.S. Don't forget to check back soon for more fonts--once I adjust the spacing! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Activity Cards!

I just LOVE making a book we are reading as a group, or song we are singing as hands on as possible. I used both of my Wheels on the Bus Activity Cards, and 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Activity Cards last week and they were great!

This year, more so than in years past, I am trying to make each activity as hands on as possible. My students this year are a little bit more challenging to keep engaged. Be sure to expect lots of different activity cards throughout the year! :)

Another song favorite of mine & hopefully soon my students, is 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree. If you are looking for an audio version of this song, you MUST download the version by Munchkin Music on iTunes. I just think its so funny.

You can purchase this set of activity cards by clicking on the picture above.

The other set of cards I completed over the weekend won't be used for a little bit, but they go with the song/chant 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate. This card pack also includes a mini poster of the song/chant. These cards each have 1 pumpkin on them, with a number, and the line that the pumpkin says. I will be starting by showing the card of all the pumpkins sitting on a gate and then pass out the other cards to the students.

You can purchase this set by clicking on the picture too! 

If you have suggestions for songs/chants to make cards for, leave me a comment--maybe I can come up with something! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm a Survivor...

...I'm not gonna give up. *Keep singing Beyonce*

Yes. I SURVIVED my first week. I didn't even have dreams about my classroom Friday night! I don't know if it's just me, but I tend to dream about school/work during the week. It drives me bonkers actually. So it was nice to have "work free" dreams last night!

I'm happy to say that each day this week went a little bit better. Unfortunately, Thursday night, I found myself racing to the closest teacher supply store (20 min away) before they closed, to buy this:

Yes, I know. I made my own this summer, right? I did. I made this one right here. BUT I ended up changing up some parts of our routine and I knew I wasn't going to be able to go the whole school year without my plan book matching up to those changes perfectly. Yes, I know, I'm  a little really particular. :) Maybe next year, I'll wait until after the first week of school to make my own planner!

This isn't the one I fell in love with last year, but it's almost identical and I do love it. Do your have a favorite plan book that you use, or do you type up your own? 

P.S. I also, for the first time in 40 days, had BOTH feet in sneakers yesterday! [no running yet, but I can certainly take my kindle for walks! :)]

That orthopedic boot was not fun this week with 3 year olds who had NEVER been in a structured environment before..


Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round & Round!

Well tomorrow will be my first day back with my pre-schoolers! Yes, I have been at work for the last 2 weeks, but I've been helping out in Kindergarten--which, by the way, I LOVED!

Our first several weeks of school will really be just about focusing on our rules and routines. Even I need to get used to a new routine as I will have full day Preschool instead of half day Preschool this year!

During Large Group Time this first week we will be learning The Wheels on the Bus & 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed & then adding them to our song book.

First we are going to read the books, and then we will listen to the songs on CD, sing, and do the hand/body movements. When you are 3 & 4 with the attention span of maybe 30 seconds - 1 minute, sitting to listen to a book can be a challenge. I created activity cards to hand to my students while we read the books. 

Giving the students something to hold on to while we read makes such a huge difference and engages them in the story much more than they would be just sitting there.

You can purchase the activity cards for both of these stories in my TpT store by clicking on the images below!


Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Little Updating

I did a little visual updating around my blog. [like you're real surprised] Last weekend Jessica Weible Illustrations had a 50% off sale. I can't get enough of her work! I absolutely love it & her stick figures are my favorite! BUT I decided I wanted to take advantage of the sale and order a custom character for my blog header.

Click the image to check out her site!

I love her. I love the green, and the green eyes! When I uploaded her I decided to make some other tweaks around here. I love doing blog designs and I feel like I'm always thinking of new ideas for my own while I come up with great looks for my clients!

I have several classroom ideas I want to share with you, but I was so overwhelmed Friday making sure every last detail [minus my cots that are NOT here yet! EEK!] was ready for my students to start on Monday that I forgot to snap some pictures. I will have to share those ideas with you later this week!

Now, to try and not stress out all weekend about Monday...

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Giveaway @ Spedventures--I'm Participating!

I'm participating in a giveaway over at Spedventures! Kara is celebrating her 200 follower giveaway with a seriously awesome combination of items [and I'm not just saying that because I'm included!]

There is so much you could win, you just have to check it out!

Click here to go & visit her blog and enter! You won't want to miss it!

Monday, September 03, 2012

September Currently

I missed the August Currently because I was out of town, but I'm linking back up to the fun with Farley for September! Love the colors in this months Currently image!

My favorite things...well my parents have been helping me make a new desk for my room. It is going to be perfect! Large workspace and it will get me away from using the coffee table as my desk...

I of course love my Erin Condren planner! I'm going to be ordering my new one soon. I just can't make my mind up about a design. I have one in my cart, I just need to make sure it's what I want!--How on earth do you decide?!

I love Skinny Caramel Lattes. They are my absolute favorite and now that it is September, maybe I won't get funny looks for ordering a hot drink when it's hot outside! 

Be sure to go over to Farley's blog to link up! And don't forget the rule of 3! [has this always been a rule, because I didn't know it until this month!!!]

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Toothbrush Storage

Yes, that does say toothbrush storage, and yes, this is a classroom post. Depending on the "level" if you will, of special ed. that you teach/work with you may or may not be working on brushing your teeth in the classroom setting.

Up until this year this is not something that I have done. However, I worked with a student of mine over the summer on this skill and I want to continue it in the classroom and make it part of the routine for all students.

BUT how on Earth am I going to organize it? I don't have one of those nifty classroom toothbrush storage boxes (nor do I really want one) and I want a way to store them so that each student can find his or hers items easily.

I brainstormed this idea for a while, always checking out various storage options in Target, Walmart, Marshalls, you get the idea.

Then, VOILA! I was struck by a stroke of genius while in the Dollar Tree.


They are PERFECT! And I can label them with each student's name! Not to mention they were only $1, a perfect price in my book!

I may or may not be keeping them in the basket shown, but that's where they are for now. And as you can see, my students haven't started school yet so they haven't picked their toothbrushes. And, that is a "normal" size tube of toothpaste that fits inside the box!

Do you work on tooth brushing with your students in the classroom? How do you store yours and what tips/advice can you offer me?

Don't forget to check out my TpT store before my Labor Day sale ends Tomorrow!

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