Saturday, November 02, 2019

Letter ID Fun!

I'm living in disbelief as to how ANY of these teacher bloggers with kids of their own keep up! I certainly have not found that groove yet, but that's okay!

I am LOVING my new school and teaching position and feel like it's exactly what I needed at this time, when I didn't even know it.

I am falling into a groove with back to school now that it's mid October early November and I'm super excited to have a resource to share with you too!

While my title as special education pre-school teacher hasn't changed, it looks different. I do not have my own classroom, and I provide all push in services to my students in their general education setting. What I do with each student on my caseload looks vastly different. I also tacked Kindergarten onto the end of the job title too!

I have a student working on letter identification AND 1:1 correspondence while counting. This student is also slightly difficult to motivate at times and this resource is a result of combing all of that!

I made half page pages that feature the letter on the top, with either a 5-frame, 10-frame, or 20-frame below. Each time the student correctly identifies the letter we place a sticker in the box. At the end, we flip back through and count the stickers in each frame.

We're practicing our letter ID- tailored to whatever letters you are working on with your student at that time (just print those pages).

We're providing an incentive for the student with the stickers. You could also use mini stamps, bingo daubers, or any other kind of marking that fits in the boxes and would be of interest to your student.

And we're practicing our 1:1 correspondence when we go back to count our stickers!

We're focusing just on five frames right now and this student has shown a lot of progress with accuracy and counting objects 1-5. We are still doing additional counting activities up to 10, and when I feel the student is proficient with 1-5, I'll change the letter ID cards to a 10 frame. Our annual goal is to be counting sets up to 20, so we're making progress slowly, but surely.

With my new position of doing push in services, I feel like I'm trying to cram so much into our time together. I love that this activity allows me to hit multiple goals at once, and provides me with the data/progress right in front me!

I could extend this activity further to target additional Common Core Standards by requesting the student to write the number(s) we've counted as well.

Is this a resource you could see yourself using in your own classroom? Click {here} or click the cover photo above to head to my TpT Store!



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