Autism Resources

Thanks for visiting my autism resources page! I wanted to compile some of my go to teachers, websites, resources in one spot to help make things easier for you. I have separate them into sections and all the included links!


1. Mrs. D's Corner- Stephanie is the blogger behind Mrs. D's Corner and I absolutely love her! She is a dinosaur loving, pizza eating, tiny little thing and her resources are classroom must haves. She works with elementary aged students and as wonderful adapted resources. She is always sharing awesome ideas on her facebook page and doing live videos to show you exactly how she uses things in her classroom. I always get so excited for her videos! {follow her blog} or {follow her on facebook}

2. Teaching Special Thinkers- Gabrielle is the blogger at Teaching Special Thinkers and her resources literally saved me last year when I was working with my K/1st group. I have always used her file folder activities, but tried so many more of her resources last year. The best thing is, so many of them are adaptable for different levels. She's always cranking out new file folder activities and I can't buy them fast enough! {follow her blog} or {follow her on facebook}

3. The Autism Helper- Sasha is the blogger at The Autism Helper and she is amazing. She works with older students than my kiddos, but her resources are amazing and I'm envious of her classroom structure and set up. She has been an incredible resource to me as a teacher and I look forward to continuing to implement her ideas and strategies! {follow her blog} or {follow her blog on facebook}

4. The Autism Adventures of Room 83-Messlisa is the blogger behind The Autism Adventures of Room 83, again, her resources are must haves! She works with a higher age group than I do, but I'm able to adapt some of her resources or implement more of her behavioral/management classroom supports. {follow her blog} or {follow her on facebook}

Sensory Items/Materials

When shopping/looking for sensory materials things can super overwhelming. I always suggesting consulting with your school or program's Occupational Therapist (OT) first, because they are going to have great suggestions! When I know what I am looking for, this are the first places I go:

1. National Autism Resources: I've been shopping this site for a while now. They have a great selection of items and their prices are always reasonable.

*still a work in progress*


Unknown said...

Thanks for the super sweet words, Erin! SO happy to have been helpful to you :)

- Sasha
The Autism Helper said...

This week, Congress passed the fifth COVID-19 relief package (The American Rescue Plan). Today, the President has signed the bill into law. This is the largest relief package since the onset of the pandemic last year. Autistic individuals and their families have faced incredible challenges during this difficult time

zoey said...
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zoey said...

The Autism Helper- Sasha is the awesome writer at The Autism Helper. She deals with older students than my kids, but she has incredible tools, and I admire her classroom structure and Write My Coursework For Me setup. As a tutor, she has been an invaluable help, and I look forward to continuing to use her insights and tactics.

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Much obliged for visiting my mental imbalance assets page! I needed to gather a portion of my go to educators, sites, assets in a single spot to assist with making things simpler for you. I have separate them into segments and every one of the included connections!

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