Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I got around to opening up my new cricut cartridge, Alphalicious. The letters are so much fun, I love the font style! I cut out my nieces name to see what the letters looked like.

I did the yellow set of letters on the "short stack bold" setting, and then the flower set of letters on the "short stack setting" both at the same size. This allows you to overlay the letters, and still see the color from the bottom set. The first time I attempted this technique with a font, I thought, hmm well If I do the bottom letters in 2 inches, I should be able to do the top letters a little smaller and it work out! Wrong. You have to do one set in bold, and the other regular. If anyone knows another way for the technique to work out, please share. I would love to do some lettering where the bottom color shows around the top one a little more.

P.S. who knew that your scraps, and extra items cut from your cricut machine could occupy a 5 year old? Here's the various items my niece colored in and decorated while I was cutting out her name and trying out my new font style. I helped her glue everything down on the white paper, and also glued together the hello kitty cut outs. She had a lot of fun with it.

I still plan to post a "surprise" recipe for you by the end of the weekend, and hopefully 2 new picture frames. I'm just not sure which I will wind up getting to first.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Erin! I love my Cricut and thought I would share. One way I have found to create letters that let you see the bottom color is by using the shadow function. Keep both sets of letters at the same size, but make the bottom color in the shadow setting. It works perfectly! I hope it helps a fellow teacher and cricutter! =)

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