Saturday, March 28, 2015

Assessment Ring {Numbers 1-30}

Next up in the assessment ring set is a ring for numbers 1-30. If I went to 100 there was no way this would fit on a ring and that would sort of defeat the purpose of it being an assessment ring. If the interest presents itself, I will make "expansion packs" in different number sets to either add to this, or create more rings with.

Numbers 1-30 includes six different question sets to assess your students on with numbers 1-30. The following question sets are included:

1. Naming numbers
2. Identifying numbers from a field of 2
3. Identifying numbers from a field of 3
4. Reading number words
5. Identifying number words from a field of 2
6. Identifying number words from a field of 3

This pack also includes a data tracking sheet as you assess your students on the numbers they know. If you have purchased the assessment bundle already you'll want to download a revised copy so you can get this numbers set at no additional cost.

If you are interested in purchasing the Numbers 1-30 Assessment Ring, click {here}. If you are interested in purchasing the growing bundle, click {here}.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bunny Splash Cookie Trays

April cookie trays are here, and a wee bit early for once! I was really torn between whether or not to do a bunny/Easter theme for April or a rain theme. Therefore, Bunny Splash was born! A combination of both bunny/Easter themed activities AND rain themed activities making this a pretty large pack!

I shared in a post {here} how I prep and store my cookie tray packs. I take the cover page and laminate onto a large envelope and store everything inside. You can use this cover page, OR I created two different ones just in case you wanted to split the packs apart by bunny/Easter theme and rain theme.

Check out the images below for preview of the activities included in this month's pack. 

If you would like to purchase Bunny Splash cookie trays just click {here} to go to my TpT Store. They'll be on sale til 5pm EST March 26th!

Next on the list will be a Spring Themed pack for the month of May. Crazy to think I'm almost a years worth of cookie tray activities!

Sunday, March 08, 2015

{2} More Assessment Rings!

I blogged about my first set of assessment rings a few weeks ago. The first set was on colors. I'm super excited to now have my sets on shapes and common objects complete and ready to share with you!

The whole idea behind these rings is quick and easy assessment. Store your rings somewhere easily accessible, with your data sheets near by. You should be able to grab your ring, assess, and move on. As I mentioned in my first post on the colors ring, a lot of my students require receptive assessment. Another thing these rings are awesome for.

If you own the colors assessment set already you'll probably want to re-download it. I have added a data sheet to that file, and the new ring sets each come with a data sheet to use too.

I also shared in my first post how I put my rings together. You can chose to do 1 ring per question set, or put them all on one ring using the tabbed dividers for each question set. That's my preference.

Click on each picture below to find each of these assessment sets in my TpT store. The colors set includes 7 question sets, and the shapes and common objects sets include 5 question sets each.

Purchase them individually for a total of $6.50 or buy the bundle for $5!

Colors Assessment RingShapes Assessment RingAssessment Ring Common ObjectsImage HTML map generator

Saturday, March 07, 2015

What's in my Work Boxes {Part 2}

In February I blogged for the first time about what was actually INSIDE my work boxes. My first post focused specifically on "put in" work tasks. If you missed that post, read it {here}. This post is going to focus on sorting activities.

At one point this school year my students ranged in ages 2-5 years old. I really can't emphasize enough the variety of skills I need my task boxes to offer.  And they need to be skills a child can complete almost independently. You can always differentiate the level of a sorting task which is nice. They can simply sort by color or make things a tad more complicated and sort by object. I also consider the amount of items they are sorting to contribute to the difficulty. Some students may only have the ability to be successful with sorting 10 items, where another may be successful with sorting 25 items.

But let's jump right into the sorting activities that I'm currently using in my classroom! I know a lot of these are self explanatory but I'm going to feel the need to talk about them anyway.

 For this box students sort the erasers onto the correct picture. I found the erasers and the Dollar Tree and I made the sorting mat on my computer with Pics for PECS.

I purchase a gazillion of these little containers from the Dollar Tree. They usually do 2-3 color sets per year and I always buy some. They come in packs of 4 for $1 and we use them for so many things. Students sort the colored Popsicle sticks into the containers.

This is essentially the same task as above- students are sorting the sticks by color. However, they are putting them into the correct spot on the container. I simply colored around the holes on this lid with a sharpie to designate each hole to a certain color. 

Students are sorting erasers for this task. I taped an eraser into the bottom of each container so students knew what container to put them in. I found these erasers a few years ago in Staples. I can't remember if they were clearance or in a dollar section, but I stocked up on all the different ones they had. (There's more used in another activity)

Who says hearts are just for Valentine's Day?! Again, using these awesome containers from the Dollar Tree, students sort the hearts into the containers by color. I've had the hearts for a while so I don't quite remember where I purchased them. 

I don't think you can tell from the photo angle, but the cups shows are blue, purple, red, and yellow. I purchased the cups and the manipulatives at the Dollar Tree. I found the manipulatives in the party favors section. The cups match up perfectly making this a great sorting activity! 

The erasers are back! This is the same type of activity, there are just three items to sort versus two in the previous activity box.

I recently made this letter sorting activity with some letter beads I picked up at Michael's. I had to hot glue them into the tray so the students new where to sort them to. (Yes, I know I duplicated 2 letters--whoops!) I will say I think the letters in each bag vary. I picked the letters for the tray that I had the most of for sorting purposes.

Color sorting for two colors with the pom-poms. I bought the little dip dishes at the Dollar Tree. I also picked them up in green and blue to use for sorting activities too. I can't believe I didn't think to buy these little dishes sooner!

Silverware sorting! I simply taped picture of each item to the bottom of a tray (found at the Dollar tree) and purchased plastic silver pieces from the Dollar Tree as well. I wanted the materials to look as real as possible, but also didn't want to use real knives for sorting. Obviously.

I found these flip lid containers in packs of 2 per color at the Dolalr Tree this summer. I labeled each container with a letter and write letters on foam cubes. Students sort the cubes into the containers by letter.

I found these clothespins at Michael's during Valentine's Day. I got the pails there at that time too. I use this activity in two ways. For some students they simply drop the clothespin into the correct container. Others, will clip the clothespin around the edge of the pails for extra fine motor practice. 

I believe this number mat is made by Lakeshore. It's been around for a while. The activity itself comes with directions for various games and activities. I added it to a task box to use a sorting activity for numbers. Students place each number in the correct square on the mat.

I purchased this activity in a pack from Hailey Deloya at The Autism Tank. You can purchase the sorting pack {here}. I just prepped these two pages and added them to a task box for a sorting activity. Easy peasy.

This sorting activity was really simple to put together. I already had a ton of pipe cleaners. I just picked up some travel toothbrush containers at the Dollar Tree. I cut pipe cleaners to fit inside. Student sort by color, then place the lids on the containers when they are done.

This would be the most difficult sorting task we have. They are not only sorting by color, but by shape too. I only have 2 students who complete this activity. One is doing so independently, one who still needs a few prompts.

Here are more of the mini dip containers I mentioned above. Students sort the buttons by color. I found the buttons in Michael's in a craft pack. 

I took a Lakeshore bug sorting activity we had and placed two of the animals in a work box. This also comes with bug scoopers. I had a pair in the box as well, but a lot of my students were playing with them so I took them out.

All the items in this box were purchased at Dollar tree. Green and blue stones with the mini dip dishes.

Using some farm counters and what I believe are old paint cups? Students sort the animals out by colors. We used to have transportation counters in this activity but I had students who just wanted to drive them around the table- HA. So we switched to farm animals.

I simply made this sorting mat (I think), printed it out and laminated it onto black construction paper. Students sort the counting bears by color into the correct circle. 

So there you have it. All of our current sorting task boxes. Next up I'll feature all of our matching activities.

If you're looking for more great work box ideas be sure to visit Autism Classroom News! The first Wednesday of every month Christine posts a work basket Wednesday link up. Head there to check out more ideas from other special ed bloggers!

 Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

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Friday, March 06, 2015

Shamrockin' Cookie Trays {AND} a Giveaway!

Wouldn't it be nice if just for once, you could have everything already done for you? Activities prepped, materials purchased. All you needed to do was write out the lesson plans and organize the supplies? I know. Amazing, right?

And while I've thought about doing that for you, at the moment, there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to create and prep the materials for my classroom AND prep them for yours.

But what I am going to do, is bring you a giveaway for all the MATERIALS you need to prep my cookie tray activities. Maybe someday when the stars align I will be able to do a giveaway for an already laminated and prepped set. Someday.
I just completed my Shamrockin' Cookie Tray Activities for the month of March and want to give you the chance to win a copy {AND} win all the awesome materials you need to use along with the cookie trays! There is only 1 item not included in the giveaway, and that's the cookie trays. It honestly isn't cost effective for me to purchase them at Walmart and then pay to ship them to you. They are super cheap at Walmart though, I promise! :)

I've included some really awesome new activities in the Shamrockin' set. So even though it's the 5th day of March 6th day of March, I'm pretty pumped about finally getting these to you guys.

Here are some of my favorite activities included. I love that the set up of these few activities requires less prep. All you need are some magnetic dots for students to mark the correct answer. So quick and easy!

Don't have any magnetic dots? Win some in the giveaway! Enter the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway will end Monday afternoon 3/9/15 and winner will posted Monday night!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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