Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Bottom Corner of My Desktop

I'm sure we all have it. That dreaded location on the desktop of your computer where all unfinished documents go to die live. For me it's the bottom right corner of my screen and things are getting pretty tight down there. And pretty old. Like 2+ years old. Let's take a peek into said corner, shall we?

There it is. Circled in all it's glory. That's 11 unfinished products right there. That's 11 activities that the motivation just fizzled out on. There's a few in there I'm ready to open back up and tackle. Beary Fun Activities? Created February 18th, 2013. TWO YEARS, FOUR MONTHS AGO. 

That's actually the first one I've re-opened to finish up. I went into it thinking I had like half a pack created. Nope. Just 1 activity. Awesome, Erin. And of course now I need to change the direction I was going in with the cover, change the fonts, and all that jazz because I'm weird. Oh yeah, and create the rest of the activities. Bear counters, I'm coming for ya.

My Dramatic Play Pack I actually created about a year ago. I just used this in my classroom for year. Did I finish the file to share with you guys? Nope. I'll bump that one up the list because it shouldn't take much to finalize it and share. 

Alphabet Search and Find kind of makes me cringe just reading it. Created in May of 2014, it's actually an AWESOME activity. Super excited to share about it when it's done. But it's TEDIOUS to put together and I've only made it to letter H. That's 18 letters left. More than half! I haven't touched it since June of 2014. Definitely one to try and finish up before Back to School because I know it will be a hit!

I might as well go ahead and bump that dreaded corner up to having 12 items in it because I'm about to start putting together my summer cookie tray pack too. 

Everyone's packing for Vegas and I'm just over here like.... 

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Spring Cookie Trays?

Notice that question mark in the title? Yes, I know it's July. I never finished these, but I need to. So I'm just going to play catch up on my cookie trays. I put creating and blogging on the back burner this Spring when things were getting a little out of hand for me. I was way too overwhelmed trying to keep all the plates spinning and had to pick a few of them to put down for a bit. Now I'm juggling, versus spinning.

I started this pack in April and used some of them in my classroom during the month of May. As we got closer to the end of the school year we started doing different activities in place of cookie trays--just some fun stuff.

Here are a few preview shots of the activities included in this pack.

I've marked this pack down by 50% off since it's spring themed and I am posting it in July. Ha, buy now, save later, right? You can click the cover photo above to go to my TpT store or click {here}.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Currently-- {July}

I haven't posted a currently in a while, but it's a cloudy/rainy day and seems perfect for putting together a currently post! I also love checking out the linky for new blogs and seeing awesome new blog designs.

I was definitely late on the Orange is the New Black train. I first watched it over Spring Break once we replaced our cable with Apple TV. I know the most recent season came out almost a month ago, but I had to wait for a rainy lazy day to start it!

I honestly can't remember the last summer that I wasn't working, taking classes, or doing both. This is a strange feeling for me, but I like it. Sure I've been to school twice already since we got out, one of those times visiting my summer school kiddos. I know they're in good hands this summer though! That really helps!

We have left over shredded chicken for dinner, but we got local corn in our CSA box yesterday that I want to cook for dinner, and use some to make a fresh corn salsa with tomatoes that we also got in our box. I'm loving our CSA boxes that we get bi-weekly. It's a ton of produce! And it makes me cook new things.

I've heard this Not Your Fathers Root Beer is delicious and I REALLY need to try it. I've heard it's semi-hard to come by too. Haven't started my search yet. I didn't have my ID with me the last time I wanted to run into the store and since I still get carded constantly, I knew I needed to have it. Have you tried this yet?


I also really need to get back into exercising more regularly. I've been trying to do at least 30 minutes a day. On the days I haven't been able to fit it in I've tried to at least make sure I've been active-- walking around/running errands, cleaning, etc. Vacuuming can be more of a workout than you might think! 

And for All star- If you asked anyone I'm pretty sure organizing would be their answer so I'm going with that one. I can be what I like to call an "organized procrastinator" on some occasions however.

Head over to Oh Boy 4th Grade if you want to join in on the linky! I'm headed back to check out some other link ups! What are you currently up to?!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's on Your Summer to do List?!

I can't speak for all teachers, but I'm fairly certain that a teacher's summer vacation looks a lot different than what many people assume they look like. My pre-schoolers were done 19 days ago. I was done 13 days ago. My summer has already been packed with friends, dinners out, golfing, movies, a little relaxing, and lots of wedding stuff!

Today is the first day of summer school and guess who is NOT teaching this summer? This gal. It's actually a strange feeling. I couldn't tell you the last time I wasn't either working or taking classes over the summer. I have big plans for this summer so here's a glimpse of what THIS teacher's summer vacation is going to look like!

1. First and foremost, wedding. I'm getting married this summer. Not til August, but now that school is out I need to focus on finishing up final details. I cannot wait to marry my best friend.  A relationship that's been 9 years in the making. Or 15 years if you want to count back to 5th grade when we met.

2. I surprisingly found myself looking at classroom decor two days after my school year ended. WHAT?! My classroom theme has been the same for the last 2 years. I actually don't really have a "theme" just a color scheme thanks to the wonderful tips from SchoolGirl Style. I'm just thinking about changing up my borders, name tags, and the accents I've used. NOT the least bit interested in touching that bulletin board paper. #thankyoufadelesspaper #wortheverypenny

3. You probably didn't know that I was the only girl on the golf team in middle and high school. I was a team captain my senior year in high school, and guess what-- my fiance and I were on the golf team together. I love that we have that hobby we can enjoy together. However, neither of us have played in FOR.EVER. He started going to the range and we recently played 9 holes. It was so nice to get back out there! I am completely convinced however that I do NEED new clubs and a new bag though.

4. So the last time I posted a product was in April. APRIL people. That was almost 3 months ago, but life gets in the way. I've got some ideas up my sleeve and ready to get those creative juices flowing again! I never finished May Cookie Tray Activities, but I have every intention of back tracking and getting them done. 

I'm also hoping to fill my summer with some relaxing of course! So far so good. Just me and our fur child home during the day. He sleeps most of the day of course. 

Any big summer plans on your summer list? A few other bloggers that I know are sharing what their summers are looking like too. 

* Simply Kinder (who has an awesome new blog platform and I love it!)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Back to Blogging Sale!

So I haven't blogged since April. I haven't created anything new since April. I really lost my groove this spring. I've been back to posting on instagram this week and posting on the facebook page. NOW it's time to get back into blogging!

I have a post scheduled to go for Tuesday! *woo hoo*
I want to celebrate with a little "back to blogging" sale Saturday through Tuesday. You can get 20% off all products in my store.

Click {here} to head to my TpT store!

Cheers to new blog posts, new classroom ideas, and new products!