Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Stocking Stuffers for Babies!

I feel like a great deal of people either in my life personally, or that I encounter on social media either just had a baby or had a baby about the time I had Greyson.

I'm having so much fun with a little one over the holidays as I'm sure you are too. Now, I know, especially depending upon the age, you might not be planning to make a big deal out of Christmas and that's ok! I'm having fun with it and really enjoyed selecting stocking stuffers for Greyson this year.

He'll be turning one shortly after Christmas so I tried to focus on a combo of upcoming things he will need along with some other fun toys too.

See what's on my list for stocking stuffers for babies 10-12 months!
*this post contains affiliate links*

1. Bandana bibs
My favorites are Copper Pearl. They have the best color and pattern combos, and you get 4 bibs for $20. The quality is great and your babe is sure to be styling! I've linked the Christmas pack featured above {here} but I highly recommend you check out the full selection!

2. Grabease Utensils
As we are introducing more and more finger foods to Greyson, not too far away will be the time to start offering utensils and giving him the opportunity to learn. These are perfect "first utensils" and they come in a million color choices!

3. Skip Hop Selfie Phone
How adorable is this?! It's marketed 6 months+, but it got some pretty big smiles out of Greyson on a Target trip recently. They can see their reflection, "filters" pop up on the screen and there's music too!

4. B*Tat Toy Keys
We know most of our little ones are NOT falling for the fake keys, remote, phone, you name it. But what I love about these, is honestly the metal feature! Baby may just think they have the real thing!

5. Long Sleeve Bib
You'll drive yourself nuts over the selection of long sleeve bibs available on amazon. As mentioned above, we're encroaching the territory of more and more self- feeding and I'm ready to be prepared! Long sleeve bibs will hopefully come in handy. I love that this one features a pocket for catching dropped pieces and easily Velcro's in the back.

6. Happy Baby Puffs
I always loved getting a sweet treat in my Christmas stocking and while our little ones are too young for candy, Greyson is likely to turn into a puff the way he puts these down now a days. He surprisingly LOVES this strawberry and beet flavor too!

7. Fat Brain Dimpl
We actually already have this toy so it won't be in Greyson's stocking this year, but if you don't have it- get it! This is always tossed in the diaper bag when we're going out somewhere, or handed to him in his high chair. It's easy to clean, can even be tossed in the dishwasher and Greyson loves popping the bubbles from side to side. Oh, and biting them too.

8. Smile Frida
It's time for that first toothbrush! Greyson is cutting tooth number 3 as I write this and pretty soon some nighttime brushing will be part of our routine! I like that this one has an angle and two sides of bristles to get both sides of the tooth easily.

Have you recently found some great stocking stuffer ideas? Share them with us in the comments!



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