Saturday, February 22, 2020

Work to Earn Schedules!

I am really excited to share this new idea with you!

When I push in to my students general education classrooms, I felt like I was lacking something. I love routines, expectations and consistency and I know kids thrive off of it too. Working with my students had definitely become routine. When I entered, they mostly went to the table(s) we worked at in their rooms without me even asking them to, but I needed more.

I wanted a schedule for them to follow for our activities, but I wanted to include their earn in it too. I thought of the token board I include on my visual support folders, but I don't have any students using a visual support folder right now so I knew that wasn't going to be the best fit.

Then it happened. Everything aligned and my brain clicked!

I can turn a token board into a schedule by including a check off flap!

I printed them out for all of my students on colored card stock-- color coded for each of my students. I ordered mini clipboards in color as well to clip them on. This part is 100% optional, but I actually love it. I fold the flaps behind the edge of the clipboard while we are working and the clipboards help keep the earn schedules from getting bent and tattered in the buckets on my cart.

This is a perfect set up for doing push in services or pull out services, but I wish I had thought of it sooner when I had my own classroom! I could have totally used this idea for different parts our daily routine with some of my students.

It's a great way to chunk the day up into assigned tasks. Maybe your student earns a break after 2-3 transitions of your day. Simply print the earn schedule for 2 or 3 and use your schedule cards to represent the check off, and visual present the earn (break) to your student.

AND after much trial and error, ha!, I was able to create these so that if you print your boards double sided, the check mark is included for you when you fold up the tab. When I first made these for my students, I didn't take the time to figure that out, I was too eager to try this idea out! So I ended up using a sharpie to draw check marks on. So glad I could get this to line up and work-- it's going to be a huge time saver for you! Simply follow the directions included in your purchase for set up!

Regardless of the number of activities you print your board out for, they will all be the same size and will fit on the mini clipboards. {I only had a yellow clipboard at home with me when I snapped these photos!}

Another thing I wanted to make sure I included were some picture cards to get your started. There are some options included for earns to use and options included for possible activities your students might be doing/have to do. There are blank squares included if you need them to add something or you can obviously use any existing photos you already have in your classroom!

If this resource seems like it would help you in the classroom or during your push-in/pull-out services, {click here} to head to my TpT store!



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