Tuesday, April 19, 2011

scrambled letters

Here is a lesson plan idea. I make a lot of my activities (with a little help from the mailbox magazine). This week our theme is "eggs". Most of our activities have been with eggs and the letter 'E'.

- 14 plastic eggs
- 1 basket
- paint pen or sharpie

Using the paint pen or sharpie, you write different letters on the plastic eggs. I chose to do capitals. For the activity, we reviewed the letters on the eggs and then I opened the eggs up, separating the two halves. We put them all out on the table and the students took turns matching up the eggs to put together a letter, and then identifying the letter they made. The students knew they had to pick two pieces of the same color in order to find a match.

We split the students up into two groups during small group time, so I actually made two sets of 14 eggs, but you could do as many as you would like obviously. I have taken one basket of eggs and placed it in our "toy area" of the classroom, so the students can choose to play with the eggs on their own. They really enjoy putting them together!


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