Saturday, July 02, 2011

Cake Pops! [Well, an attempt]

I say attempt because this was not easy for me, and no, they did not turn out perfectly. For those of you who were waiting for the red, white, and blue cheesecake, I'm sorry. Cake pops pushed that idea to the wayside!

The other night I had a craving for cake batter. So, I made a box! Now what do I do with all this cake batter?! Two days later, [insert cake pop idea here.]

I know these things have been around for a while, and I've always thought they could be so cute. [Until I saw mine--they aren't quite as cute] Honestly, the thought of making cake pops has been intimidating to me until I decided to look it up and came across a great tutorial video here.

My cake pops are actually funfetti, but I'd already thrown the box away before the picture!  
I picked up colorbursts brights candy melts but as you may already know, they come in a lot of different colors!

First, bake your cake. After it has cooled you are going to break it up. I used a fork for this and dumped it all into a mixing bowl.

[Yes, I know. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer on my Amazon Wish List, don't worry]
Second, dump in some icing with your cake. I used about 3/4ths of the container. The picture on the left shows what your cake should look like.

DO NOT make your cake balls this big. That is one thing I learned. Mine were too big. [I kinda thought that as I was making them, but was too silly to listen to my instincts] Then place them in the fridge for about 15 minutes.
While your cake balls are in the fridge, make your stands for your pops after they are dipped in chocolate. I use styro foam and Saran wrap. If you don't have any styro foam you can find some at a local craft store, or even Walmart.
  In a small bowl, melt a few of your melting chips for putting in the lollipop sticks. I don't suggest using a white chocolate for your first attempt either. I was NEVER able to get my chocolate as smooth as what was shown in the video.

Before putting the lollipop sticks in the cake pops, roll them in some melted chocolate to help hold them into the cake better.

Because I know you needed to know what this step looks like.

Now, I seemed to have been too stressed focused on getting my cake pops covered in chocolate that I took ZERO pictures of that step. Really? Can't believe I left that out! [Refer to video tutorial if you haven't already!]
  Here are my cake pops in my stand though!

I definitely want to try making these again. With smaller cake balls and with a different chocolate. I think they would be great to bring to Open House/Meet the Teacher at the beginning of the school year!

Have you ever made cake pops before? How did they turn out?


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