Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Erin Bradley Designs

So here is a website I just HAD to share with everyone. If you share a love for clipart (as most of us do) then you will love Erin Bradley Designs! Her stuff is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! At first I thought $5.00 per pack was a little steep, but then I figured you are getting 10 papers in a pack, so that's really .50 cents a paper and they are definitely worth it! If she ever had a sale, I think I might die and go to heaven!
**EDIT: after exploring her blog, she does have sales periodically!! woo hoo!!

There is also an Erin Bradley Designs Blog you can check out! There you can find links to Ink Obsession Designs, a website for invitations, and Ebee Paperie for stationary! SO CUTE!

Now I'm off to peruse the websites some more and hopefully not spend too much on clipart and paper! I hope you find this stuff just as cute as I have!

Do you have any great clipart websites to share? Leave a comment!
(p.s. I am not being paid to share these websites, I simply fell in love with them!)


Erin Bradley said...

Oh my gosh!! Thank you so very, very VERY much!!! I love this blog post and am thrilled you like the designs. You literally just made my week! :)

Erin Lukas said...

Aw I'm glad to hear that! I LOVE your stuff! I bought 2 paper packs this morning and can't wait to have fun with them!

Unknown said...

Her "stuff" not stiff is so stinkin' cute!! lol
Love it!
First Grade Blue SKies

Erin Lukas said...

Haha Jennifer I make silly typos like that allllll the time! Isn't it though!?

Unknown said...

Erin thank you for posing about Erin's desgins!! OH wow! I love the owls they will match my room perfectly!! And I scrapbook so the papers are AMAZING!

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