Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Calling All Rock Star Teachers!

I'm at it again with word wall cards! I have made a Rock Star set for all of the Rock Star theme classrooms out there this year! I used clip art from Digi Web Studio to put this set together.

Unfortunately, this one is not free, but only $1.00 in my TpT store! I will however e-mail a free copy to the first 3 people to comment on this post and leave a review of the product along with their e-mails!

I hope you enjoy! I know not many teacher stores carry product for a Rock n Roll theme! Pirates will be up next! :)


Amy C said...

I love this! My school does a ROCK start theme!


MsGallant said...

This is fantastic! I'm a music teacher and these cards would be an incredibly adorable addition to my music word wall!


Erin Lukas said...

I love that idea to use them in your music class!!

sarah said...

I love these! Perfectly adorable! LOVE the kids on the posters rocking out! :)


Erin Lukas said...

3 free copies have been sent out! :) I hope everyone enjoys!!

P.s. MsGallant- do you have another e-mail? That one doesn't seem to be working!

MsGallant said...

That's strange!! I wonder why that isn't working! I will check that out. Can you try: missmusicteacher26@gmail.com

Thank you!

Rachel said...

These are so great! We are doing a Rock theme and this is perfect!

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