Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Poll!

I have been working on some pumpkin themed activities for our upcoming weeks of pumpkins. So far I have put together some counting cards to use a small pumpkin manipulative with, an alphabet game with the letters 'Aa', 'Bb', and 'Pp', pumpkin counting cards with finding the correct number, and a dramatic play set for a pumpkin patch.

I was wondering your feedback on selling these items in one Pumpkin Pack, or listing them individually so you could purchase just the ones you would like to have. Let me know your opinion by voting in the poll below! If you have any other ideas or suggestions, leave a comment! Thanks for your help!



Tater Tot said...

I love your dramatic play sets!!! I am using the apple one starting tomorrow with my co-teaching partner! As I was prepping I was thinking I hope Erin makes a
Pumpkin center next! As that will be our next topic!!! Also bought your apple counting cards! Love them! I'm always looking for ways to keep counting fresh!
Can't wait to buy your new stuff!!!

Erin Lukas said...

I loved reading your comment!! I'm so glad you are enjoying the dramatic play sets! I also have a picnic one posted if you haven't already seen it. It was the first set I made.

The pumpkin patch one is currently in the works. Should be posted by the end of the weekend or early in the week seeing as though I need to set it up in my classroom by Tuesday at the latest! :)

Tater Tot said...

We are not so patiently awaiting the pumpkin play set! We used the apple today and it was a huge success!!! ( we had other teachers come in and say wow !! Also our principal!Don't worry we didn't take credit we told them to check you out!!! The only tweak I added was name tags to give roles in the centers. We had a cashier and baker they then found their name and velcroed it to the name tags, it really helped add structure!
Bring on the pumpkins!!!!!

Erin Lukas said...

That's such a great idea!

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