Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ahh Monsters!

I'm finally able to share my monsters unit with you! I had a lot more hopes for my monsters unit..both this printable version and what I had planned for the classroom. Coming down with a virus really interrupted my plans! Hopefully next year I'll be able to vamp this up a little bit. It's time to move on to Christmas!

Here are the included activities:

Monster Glyph Activity: Answer the questions to make your own monster! Use the templates for girl and boy monsters. Print out the questions to use with your display of the monsters! (pg. 3- 6)

Monster Clip Math: Count the number of monsters on the card. Clip a clothespin or paper clip onto the correct number of monsters. To use as a math center, include the recording sheet. Students find the correct number card, and record their answer. (pg. 7- 13)

Monster Memory: Use these monster cards to play a monster memory game. (pg. 14- 16)

Monster Alphabet Match: Print out enough of the monster cards on pgs 14-16. Use a sharpie to record capital and lowercase letters on the monsters. Students have to match capital and lowercase together. (pg. 14-16)

Monster Color Sorting: Use the color cards to help students sort out different colored monsters. (pg. 17- 20)

5 Little Monsters Chant: Print the chant card and the monsters to go along with the chant. (pg. 21-23)

Other Activity Ideas: Read these ideas for more activities for your classroom, or places to make purchases for more monster fun! (pg. 24- 25)

You can purchase my Monsters unit at TpT or TN if you'd like! I'll e-mail a free copy to the first three people to post a comment including their e-mail!  Let me know what you think of the unit!


michelle said...

Yay!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this unit, thanks so much!! You are so creative!! =-)

Delighted said...

Looks adorable!

First Grade Delight

Amy C said...

Looks cute!

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed it, but it sure is cute! You are so creative! :)
Crayons and Curls

Jen R said...

aw 0- bummer I missed it! but it looks really cute!

♥ Jen Ross
The Teachers' Cauldron

Unknown said...

Looks fab!!
First Grade Blue SKies

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