Sunday, January 22, 2012

Igloo Alphabet Recognition Freebie

So I ALMOST went back to the old days of cut, color & laminate again, but then I remembered I had some cute polar DJ Inkers clip art I could use instead!

The concensus was that we could use DJ Inkers in a freebie right?! If not, you better download this fast before someone else tells me other wise & I take it down.

I created a quick letter recognition activity for letters Aa, Bb, Pp, Tt, Ee, & Rr. Each penguin either has a capital or a lowercase letter on him. Students must find out which igloo the penguin lives in by looking at the letter on the igloo door.

A nice sweet & simple activity that I can do with my kiddos at small group time this week. I only have students 3 days this week. Yes, I will be there all 5, but only see my kids 3 times! One group of my kids will only be there 1 time this week! Crazy. Don't be too jealous though, I also have 4 IEP meetings this week!

Click the picture to download this freebie from Google Docs! Yes, I finally think I have it figured out. I hope it works!

ALSO, if you downloaded my February Calendar Cards, you may want to re-download. It was kindly pointed out to me that this year is a leap year so I added a card for the 29th. Yes, there were blank cards that were included, so you may have already done this yourself, but in case you haven't, re-download by clicking one of the links below!



Tami said...

I am looking for other preschool teachers who create lesson plans for Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook, to team up with for a giveaway. I am asking you because I follow your blog and see that you create quality products for preschool teachers. If you are interested email me at

Kristin said...

SO CUTE! Loving the DJ Inkers clipart, of course! By the way, did you see that they were having a sale on Fontastic??? I thought of you immediately! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Erin Lukas said...

Ugh! Yes! I did! Of course I already bought it last week! It was never meant to be for me to purchase that CD on any type of sale or promotion! ahaha, but I got it, and I LOVE IT!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Adorable!!! you are so creative!

Allyson McGuire said...

I love finding new teaching blogs! They make me that much more excited to graduate. I'll definitely be your newest follower!
Stop by my blog


Unknown said...

Erin you amaze me with your creativity! I need to learn from you! :) Thank you for sharing this cutie!
Crayons and Curls

Glitzy In First Grade said...

LOVE it!

New follower here...can't wait to check out more of your cute ideas!

Mrs. M said...

I sent you an award! Stop by my blog to pick it up :D

Color Me Kinder

Sara said...

Just found your cute blog and am a new follower!! Love it!

Kindergarten Is A Hoot

Jessica said...

Just found your blog!! So cute. I am your newest follower!

Apples and Papers

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