Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm going to be really sad...

...when I get to the bottom of this milkshake.

I have a HORRIBLE sore throat. And it is NOT going away. I woke up thinking, "oh, my warm coffee will fix this." NOPE. Still have it. In fact, it's worse. Ugh. But, I'm a teacher, and I have to just keep on, keepin' on. Yes, I'm that teacher that you probably hate. The one that brings germies to work & doesn't stay home unless I feel like I'm on my death bed. From my perspective, I got the germies from work ( I can probably pinpoint the child they're from) and I'm not really bringing in any new germies so get over it.

An Arby's vanilla milkshake is the ONLY thing I want when I don't feel well, no matter the ailment. I'm going to lay back on the couch, enjoy this milkshake (which I wish I had ordered a larger size) and work on a Valentine's Day Unit!

What are your secrets to keep the germies away?


Unknown said...

Aww, sorry you are feeling bad. I try to keep my personal space...personal. (not always possible...but I try- at least with my
Hope you feel better soon!! =)
First Grade Blue Skies

Erin Lukas said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Nothing is personal with 3 & 4 year olds! hahah I try so hard to be on them and myself about tissues, hand washing, and hand sanitizer. I even Lysol my room like crazy--even down to the crayons.

I haven't been as sick this year as I was last year, so at least I can look at it positively in that sense! :)

Becky said...

I always get milkshakes when I'm sick too! Usually a chocolate one from McDonalds though. Feel better soon!

Lesson plans & Lattes

meadowt said...

Feel better soon! milkshakes always make me feel better.

Unknown said...

Feel Better Erin! Sleep and lots of fluids is what I find works best...oh and my neti pot!

Mrs. Russell's Class said...

Airborne chewy tablets are great! I take one almost every day, and when I feel like I am possibly coming down with something, I take 2-4. Four tablets is one serving size! Hope you feel better!

Randi said...

Sorry you don't feel well :(
They say it takes 3 years to build up your immune system and I believe this to be true. I take viatamin C everyday. When my throat hurts I love getting a blue slushy with vanilla ice cream in it from Dairy Queen! It's heavenly. Feel better soon!

Jen R said...

ugh! I hate being sick, But I'm right there with you...I go to work on my death bed!! If I can keep my eyes open and actually stand up, I'm going to work! lol.
And I have been sick-free all year (and last year too!), because I take my "Vat" of vitamins every night. Seriously. you know those pill boxes that "old people" use?? I have a weekly one of those I fill!
The Teachers’ Cauldron

Jill said...

The last time my throat was killing me like that, I had strep! I hope you feel better soon!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Tricia said...

I have awarded you the versatile blogger. Come on over to my blog to check out the rules. I think your site is super cute. I am sorry if this award is a duplicate.

Queen with Class

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I guess that's a good reason to keep drinking milkshakes, right?

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