Sunday, April 22, 2012

D.I.Y Bug Math & Science Center

We all know what great and amazing units are out there on TpT and TN for whatever theme we could possibly think of, but what about center ideas that can't be bought & downloaded?

Before TpT and TN, that is what all of my centers were! Now I would say it's about 50/50. For this week we have a bug theme. I was making the materials for the math and science center over the weekend and I thought I'd share them with you! You can never have too many ideas on your pinterest board! :)

Bug Math Center:

Using a small piece of poster board, some flower cut outs I found on clearance, and yellow paper, I put together this little game. A student roles a dice and counts the number of dots. Next they move their bumble bee that many places. They keep going until they reach the hive. If they roll a 6, they go straight to the hive! I found this idea in my most recent Pre-School Mailbox magazine. I added the numbers to the flowers for additional practice. This was so quick and easy! You could use any flowers, or just draw them with a marker. I was going to draw my own bumblebee, but remembered I had that adorable clip art bee I could just print out!

Bug Science Center:

I purchased three clear containers from the dollar tree, some bugs and rice, also at dollar tree. I filled each container about 1/3rd of the way with rice & added bugs. I had rice left over so I just added what was left amongst the containers. Before putting the bugs in I took a photo of each one. A child will pick a photo and then have to find what container it is by matching it to the picture. Each container has 3 flies & then 2 different bugs.

I plan on laminating the items at school in the morning and the centers will be ready to go! Are you still doing D.I.Y. centers in your room at all? I have a bug lab in the works too- this is my first time setting up a bug lab so I hope all goes well!


Anonymous said...

I have those same blue containers and same bugs from the Dollar Tree - I love the center you created from them! I'm going to have to do that! Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

Your bug lab bottles are TOO FUN! I am 100% still making my own crazy fun centers. There's nothing like it. But I do buy TONS of great things from the online teacher stores too of course! Thanks for the great idea.

I just love you and your blog. You are fabulous!
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Allyson McGuire said...

So cute - thanks for the ideas!


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