Sunday, September 02, 2012

Toothbrush Storage

Yes, that does say toothbrush storage, and yes, this is a classroom post. Depending on the "level" if you will, of special ed. that you teach/work with you may or may not be working on brushing your teeth in the classroom setting.

Up until this year this is not something that I have done. However, I worked with a student of mine over the summer on this skill and I want to continue it in the classroom and make it part of the routine for all students.

BUT how on Earth am I going to organize it? I don't have one of those nifty classroom toothbrush storage boxes (nor do I really want one) and I want a way to store them so that each student can find his or hers items easily.

I brainstormed this idea for a while, always checking out various storage options in Target, Walmart, Marshalls, you get the idea.

Then, VOILA! I was struck by a stroke of genius while in the Dollar Tree.


They are PERFECT! And I can label them with each student's name! Not to mention they were only $1, a perfect price in my book!

I may or may not be keeping them in the basket shown, but that's where they are for now. And as you can see, my students haven't started school yet so they haven't picked their toothbrushes. And, that is a "normal" size tube of toothpaste that fits inside the box!

Do you work on tooth brushing with your students in the classroom? How do you store yours and what tips/advice can you offer me?

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Cupcake said...

Perfect! I love those slider pencil cases-- I use them to store my kiddo's crayons!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

danalea10 said...

We brush teeth at my school and we have a caddie that holds 20 toothbrushes and the toothbrush and the caddie is labeled with the child's name. An adult has to hand the toothbrush to the child and put it away. we brush right after breakfast in the a.m. class and the p.m. class brushes right after lunch. Because an adult hands the toothbrush to them we just put 20 dots of toothpaste on a small paperplate and then swipe their toothbrush over one of the dots. I have in the past also used little portion cups with their toothpaste swiped on the side and then they can rinse their mouth with water they put in their portion cup. This is always a supervised time in the classroom and when the kids get it down it only takes about 10 minutes for all of them to get done.

Anonymous said...

In a preschool that I was in all of the children had to brush their teeth when they got to school, even if they had brushed them at home. The brushes were stored in a large clear container with separators in them. There were ten brushes in a container. Before the students came to school we would lay out small pieces of paper towel and put a dab of tooth paste on it then put the toothbrush on that, then put them back into the container. When the students got to school they just had to get their tooth brush and pull off the paper towel, they had toothpaste on the tooth brush.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! A trip to the Dollar Tree might be in order...(oh darn!)

We use pill organizers attached to the wall with a small cutout for the brush handle...I will have to take a photo tomorrow since writing it out does not make sense even in my head! But our method doesn't store the toothpaste, too. We do the dab of toothpaste on a paper towel for each student, as Anonymous mentioned above.


Unknown said...

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