Sunday, November 11, 2012

Turkey Day Mini Unit--Better Late Than Never!

I really need to get better about being ahead of the game when it comes to planning holiday units! I mean, I already have my plans from now to Thanksgiving break done myself and I am just now putting together a mini unit! Hence the reason this is a mini unit & not a whole unit. I'll be looking for where I can stick some of these new activities in myself!

BUT maybe you have Monday off for Veteran's day and still have some planning between now and Thanksgiving break to get done! *my fingers crossed*

Here is what you can find in my Turkey Day Mini Unit:

Vocabulary Cards: some Thanksgiving vocabulary cards to use to introduce or review some Thanksgiving ideas/foods. (pg.3-8)
Pie Matching: print 2 sets of the pie cards. Students look for the match to each pie. Or, flip cards over to play a memory game. (pg. 9-10)
Where’s the Tukey?: print the letter cards and the turkey. Hide the turkey behind a letter. Students must identify the letter before checking to see if that is where the turkey is hiding. For older students, print the blank cards and fill in with site words. (pg. 11- 15)
Thanking Writing: Students complete pre-writing activity to brainstorm ideas. Next students complete the sentence and draw a picture of what they are thankful for. (pg. 16-17)
Favorite Foods Graph: What’s your favorite thanksgiving food? Print a class supply of food cards. Students pick their favorite. As a whole group make a graph. Complete the worksheet based on your graph. (pg. 18-19)
Turkey Glyphs: make these adorable turkey glyphs with your kiddos, or send home as a family activity. Stencils included for making each piece. (pg. 20-22)
Here are the activity previews:

I'm super excited about my turkey glyph activity! It's the first "craftivity" I have done where I have prepared the templates, etc. in my unit. My scanner wasn't working, but I did a test print of my method for uploading the template and it worked fine. You'll have to excuse my example photos--can you believe I don't have ANY brown or black construction paper at home?!

I hope you'll considering purchasing this mini unit to supplement your plans! If you do, or if you don't, I still appreciate reading comments and getting feedback about my work! :)

 Now I'm off to start planning for Christmas units in a timely manner...maybe.


Mrs Cupcake said...

Looks great, Erin!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Cindy Calenti said...

This unit looks awesome! I love the graphics you used to create it. :)

Granny Goes to School

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Ms. Rachel said...

Im thinking next fall for sure! Great unit!

Ms. Rachel
Ms. Rachel’s Room

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