Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Sale! Linky Party!

So I woke up this morning, considered that today is the last day of the TpT quarter realized I actually can't do math, and I still have another month, BUT its Labor Day Weekend! So I decided to throw a sale Friday-Monday!

Head on over to my TpT store and get 15% off any item that is priced at $2.00 or more. This is a great opportunity to grab any items you missed at the back to school sale OR get a discount on my newest unit-- On the Farm!

If you'd like, grab the image above and throw your own TpT sale! If you throw a sale, link it up below!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bathroom Signs--FREE

I don't understand why it took me until today to realize how dull and boring my bathroom signs were. And why have such dull and boring signs when there is so much adorable clip art and awesome fonts on my computer?

Yeah, I don't know why either. But as of tomorrow (if I print them tonight) I will have spiffy new bathroom signs. My students could probably care less, but, hey. I will know I have cute bathroom signs.

And I want you to have cute bathroom signs too! So I'm sharing them with you--for FREE on TpT. All you have to do is click here to go and download and click here to download them in Spanish!


P.S. Unless I searched the wrong places, someone needs to create a cute toilet/bathroom clip art set!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Behavior Management

Our school uses clip charts for behavior management. As of last year, it is mandatory that each classroom use a clip chart. Kindergarten has something crazy like 8-9 colors, but our "non-negotiable" for pre-k includes at least 4 behavior colors. Last year I did mine on a fish and in a fish bowl.

Each day when students arrived, they took the green fish off their cubby bin and put it in the fish bowl by their name. This also helped me know who was at school that day (or who forgot to put up their fish!) And then our fish colors would change throughout the day-- purple, green, yellow, and red.

I loved the idea, it was a great display of behavior, but in the end, it didn't turn out to be as "student interactive" as I had hoped. So this year I decided to make a clip chart.

Again, with knowing my student population, I added PECS images to each page to match with the emotions you might feel if you were on each of the colors. I used binder rings I had around to attach my colors & found 2 command hooks to stick them to the side of this book shelf. A great way to use space & something I can see from greeting time, etc.

Please ignore my hole punching errors...

I stick with the 4 colors because for a few students, this whole idea is over their heads, and for the ones who do understand, I think 4 colors is sufficient. It's a great introduction to the idea of a clip chart and they will be more prepared for the 9 color ones in Kindergarten!

At the end of our day, if a student is on green they put a green pom-pom in the jar. If they are on purple, they get to put in a SPARKLY purple pom-pom. We earn a fun treat when our jar gets full.

Again, I can't share this file with you because of the PECS images--I so wish that I could! But maybe this will inspire you to create your own with added PECS or expression pictures!

How do you do behavior management?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Classroom Jobs

We all do things in our classrooms like classroom jobs, calendar, behavior clip charts, and so on. But how do we all do them?! Last year, I used some cabinet space to display my classroom jobs. It worked far as calendar time was concerned. After that, I couldn't see them when I needed to! I knew this year, I had to find a new spot for them.

This was last years display. I added command hooks under the headers and hung a fish with a students name on the hook. It worked well, I just couldn't see it and always had to walk over to the cubbies to check who had what job!

I made new signs and posted these along the top of my calendar/greeting time bulletin board. 

Knowing that my student population was changing, I decided to add PECS pictures to my job chart. PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System and it has become a well known communication system for those with autism, as well as, other students with communication disabilities. You can use any type of image to represent as a PEC. I used my images from Pyramid Educational Consultants (the founders of PECS), but you can find them elsewhere as well.

I love how they turned out! I simply added some velcro to the boxes on the page to place the student's name tags for who ever has that job that day. I will be able to see the signs whenever I need to; greeting time, snack time, dismissal, etc. [I also LOVE the chevron borders I used--found at Teaching In a Small Town]

I wish I could share these with you, but unfortunately due to the copyright on the PECS I used, I cannot! Bummer! (I even emailed them and tried asking for permission)
 But I still wanted to share the idea with you--just for inspiration!

How do you do classroom jobs in your classroom?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

On the Farm Unit

I am just so excited about being able to use Dj Inkers clip art now! Purchasing a license is totally worth it! SO I thought about some themes that I haven't created units for and FARM won! This unit also includes ADORABLE clip art from JW Illustrations--I couldn't pass up using her adorable stick figures farm clip art! I LOVE her stick figures stuff!

 I created a PVC pipe barn for a farm dramatic play during a practicum placement in college. This thing has been loved. I use it. My grade level team mates use it. And the kids LOVE it!

Here's a photo of the barn set up for the second time while I was student teaching. It's big. The kids can stand up in it. I can almost stand up straight in it! It's a lot of pieces to store, but totally worth it.

Now I have created a super fun Farm Unit to accompany a farm theme in your classroom! There are a variety of activities in this pack to meet the needs of different ages/grade levels. Please be sure to read through the list to see what is included!! 

Word wall Cards: farm themed vocabulary cards. Some words are included twice, but in DJ Inkers clipart or JW Illustrations clip art—print your preference! J (pg. 3-11)

Counting Cards: count the number of farm items displayed on each card. Clip a clothespin to the correct number. Use the recording sheet included to set this up as a math center. (pg. 12- 18)

Memory Game: print two sets of these cards and laminate for durability. Students play a memory game to find the matches. (pg. 19- 21)

ABC Order: have students place these farm cards in alphabetical order and record their answers on the recording sheet. (pg. 22-26)

Pattern Cards: cut and laminate the pattern cards along with the cards to complete the patterns. Student must find the correct card that comes next in the sequence! (pg. 27- 29)

Capital/Lowercase Sort: sort out the capital and lowercase letters. Use the sorting mat to put them on the correct sides. (pg.30-31)  

Addition Math: students count the items on the card for the math problem, then find the correct answer card. Use the recording sheet to have students write their math problem in number form. (pg. 32- 37)

Farm Chants: print these mini-posters of farm themed chants to share with your students. (pg. 38- 39)

Dramatic Play: this section includes ideas for setting up your dramatic play area as a farm and labels to use in this area .(pg.40- 42)

 And, in case you missed it yesterday, check out my Friday Freebie for teacher week!--An Environmental Print book!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Teacher Week- Day 5 [FREEBIES]

Freebie Friday! YES! FREEBIES! We all love Freebies!

I've already been checking out all the link ups to the party and have found some great freebie items! I had to finish mine up before I should share it! :) I've seen these all over Pinterest, but every time I click a link to them, they don't see to be completed, or are not in a format that I like. SO I made my own!

Environmental Print Book

Click here to head over to TpT and download this book for free! 

Enjoy Freebie Friday & be sure to link up at Blog Hoppin if you have a freebie to share today!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacher Week- Day 4

Therapeutic Thursday

I wasn't quite sure what therapeutic Thursday was going to be all about. Thank goodness there's someone that has to start this party! :)

After a long day I like to lay back on the couch and catch up with my blog reading. It's really that simple. On a super stressful day I'm sure to stop by Starbucks for a Venti Skinny Caramel Latte to accompany that blog reading!

And a fresh coat of nail polish on my fingers and/or toes always seems to lift my mood! In fact, I'm so stressed/exhausted by this walking boot that a stop at the drug store for a new nail polish color and a fresh paint was needed today!

I love essie colors! 

Head on over to blog hoppin for day 4 of teacher week and share what you find to be therapeutic after a long day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teacher Week- Day 3

Where I Teach Wednesday

It's where I teach Wednesday--probably my favorite day, because I have an obsession with looking into other peoples classrooms. Really. I have to scope out like everyone's classroom at my own school.

We all always share photos of our classrooms, but do we ever share the states we teach in?! I teach in Delaware--20 minutes north of the beach area. I live at the beach, so the commute to work isn't too bad. I only know of 2 DE teacher bloggers out there-- Kinderglynn & Third Grade in the First State. Are there any more of you in blogland?!

Now...on to what you came here for; pictures! 

Entry!! I decorate the inside of my door (as shown) because I'm not a door closer. My door is always open, so if I decorate the outside of the door, you'll never see it! If you're counting kites, yes I only have 10 11 students. I just had one more added today, but I haven't made his kite yet. It's going to be weird to go from 24 students & 19 IEPs to 11 students and 9 IEPs, but these IEPs & students are MUCH more involved.

Here's a step into the door. If you saw my classroom photos from last year, you might notice that something is missing. Our lofts. *moment of silence* We were told 20 minutes before leaving for our summer vacations that our lofts were unsafe & did not meet building code and had to be removed. Our principle fought hard for us, but didn't win :(

Here is the cubby area. this is too your right when you walk in the door. Immediately next to my right in this photo is a storage closet. I love my storage closet. It's jammed full already!

Turn to the left from the previous photo and this is the view you have. My book shelf [moved from last year], the drying rack [cause that's important to point out...], and part of the block area. I'm really wishing I had gotten around to fixing my letters before I got put in a boot. I don't think this boot & a ladder would mix well...

Carpet area. Keeping things simple this year, so my calendar board includes a calendar and our job charts. I have 3 rule posters that go here too, but another teacher was copying them. To the back of this photo is our writing area. 

Here is the view from standing on the shape rug. The toy area and the house area. I decided to display our "curriculum posters" on the back wall. With the loft gone that wall was pretty empty.

Here is more of my storage, our sink, and the bathroom is back there too. We will use this area for breakfast [yes, in the classroom], table time [during arrival], art area, snack, etc. Lots of things! 

Desk area. My para's desk, and then my desk with the computer on it. The small table with toys is where we store our "table time" items when we are not using them. I change these items bi-weekly.  The pillow at the bottom left are from our book area.

I thought I was in love with my classroom last year, but I am IN LOVE with my classroom so much more this year! I decided to change my theme from ocean with blue, orange, and green to sun & clouds with blue and yellow. Somehow green found it's way into the theme too. I think the curtains and baskets had something to do with it. And I LOVE my hanging lanterns! You can get a 3 pack for $7.99 at Hobby Lobby! I really wanted blue instead of orange, but they only had one pack left that looked like it was bought, used in the sun and the rain, and then returned. So orange it was.

K-12 comes back to school on Monday, but our Early Childhood kiddos don't start until September 10th, so I've got some time to finish up loose ends. I have lots of little details to share with you--but those are for another post! :)

If you are actually still reading at this point, make sure you head over to Blog Hoppin to link up today!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teacher Week- Day 2 & My Sewing Project

Technology Tip Tuesday

Okay, so I have pretty much been trying to think all day long about the best technology tip I have to share with you. One that maybe hasn't already been posted 100 times. I'll probably repeat. I'm sorry.

1. USE POWERPOINT. Seriously. I can't stress this enough. I get asked all the time what program I use to make things with & I think people are shocked to learn it's Powerpoint. I learned this the hard way. I used to basically pull my hair out over trying to position something in a word document. Powerpoint makes your life so much easier. I'm actually in the process of moving all items I created in a word document to Powerpoint so that I can edit them easily when necessary!

2. PIXLR EXPRESS. I love this site. I used to be a devoted Picnik user for editing pictures, like cropping and adding frames, but then they shut down. Pixlr express is now my new favorite site to do this on!

3. SAVE AS PICTURES. When making something with Powerpoint, always click File- Save as pictures.. this will save each slide as a .jpg and makes your life so much easier to create previews of a unit, or upload images to TpT & TN.

4. PicFrame & Label Box. These are 2 apps on my iphone that I use all.the.time. to put pictures together [like the one below] I definitely suggest purchasing them! 
Label Box

Now, my sewing project I shared with you yesterday...


I've had that ugly fabric, cut with scissors and safety pinned around a tension rod up for 2 years. 2 YEARS, folks. That's a long time! My mom is basically a sewing ninja, but I don't like to bother her to do this stuff for me. I am so excited that I have my own sewing machine and tackled my own project!

It's obviously too long, I guess I rounded up my measuring without realizing. I can still cut and hem it again though so no worries! I'm pretty proud of myself!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher Week-- Day 1!

Must-haves Monday!

When thinking about my must haves, there are a million things I'm sure I could list, but I tried to think of what allows me to keep my sanity during the school day.

First things first, coffee. I'm one of those who is not awake until I have my coffee.

No, I don't go to starbucks every morning--I wish! But I hope to make it there more Friday mornings this year than last year.

Second things second, my lesson plan book. If I showed up to work one day without this, I would probably have a mini meltdown on the inside.

Click the photo to see my post on making your own planner--like this one!

Third things third, my Erin Condren planner. I would most definitely have a huge meltdown on the inside without this. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I need my own routines & schedules, just like my kiddos do!

Fourth things fourth, flairpens, crayola markers, and/or sharpies. I use a combination of these three on a daily basis. Every entry in my planner is color coded. i.e. lime green=meetings, pink=blog designs, etc.

Fifth things fifth, bins and containers. I am a a self-admitting bin hoarder. I buy bins as if I were a personal shopper and I was going to dress someone in them. Even when I buy new bins, I'm afraid to let the old ones go. It's a problem. I'm always keeping an eye out for a "perfect bin" for that "perfect organization" that keeps me from losing my mind every day!


What are your classroom Must Haves? If you haven't already, save the picture above and head over to blog hoppin to link up for Teacher Week!

P.S. I'm attempting my very FIRST sewing project on the sewing machine I got for my birthday. It's a classroom project so I hope to show it off soon!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Closing Teacher's Notebook

Thank you for answering my poll questions! I have decided to close my Teacher's Notebook store. There are a few items, and free items left in my store, but I will not be adding any of my new items to my store.

If this inconveniences any of my buyers, I apologize. I find that keeping up with 2 shops and selling blog designs is bit much for me. Especially as I am editing/updating all of my shop items.

If you are interested in still shopping my items, you will find all of them at Teachers Pay Teachers!

Thank you for understanding!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Add Fun to the Start of the School Year!

....with an air-cast walking boot! Yep. This is real.

I have a stress fracture in my ankle--from running.

 I will be starting a school year with a robot leg. I feel like I have a toddler sitting on my foot. I'm sure this should make things really interesting. I can't get up and down from the carpet that well, and since I teach 3 & 4 year olds, that's where I like to be. Praise the Lord I have no "runners" in my class this year.

At least I don't have crutches with it.

And I only need to paint 5 toes instead of 10 toes.

And I got all of my classroom furniture moved BEFORE the boot. [not before the injury...]

Let me tell you, this thing is truly exhausting to walk around in. And my shoe selection is very limited to whatever shoe brings my right foot to the same height as my left one...

But if it rains, I'll only need 1 rain boot!

Have you ever had the pleasure of wearing one of these things? What tips can you offer me--I'm open to any suggestions!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank You, Help Me, & Pirate Numbers!

First off, thank you so much for all of the purchases you made from my TpT store during the sale! I can certainly say it was a success! :) I enjoyed making some purchases myself (and then found myself still making purchases on Tuesday after the sale had ended!)

Now, I need your help. Big time. Because I'm really indecisive, and these decisions will impact you as my TpT & TN buyers!

My first question, where do you shop more? TpT or TN? It's hard to keep up with both stores. I'm considering closing my TN store, unless you tell me other wise! Please take a second to answer these poll questions! :)

Where do you shop more?
Create your own poll

Now, next question!

Should I close my TN shop?
It's up to you!
Create your own poll

Thank you for answering my poll questions! Now, on to sharing my Pirate Number cards with you! I had a request for these to match my Pirate Alphabet Cards, so I created cards with numbers 0-25 on them.

Click me to purchase on TpT!

I also updated my Pirate Alphabet Cards to match these (with font)

Click me to purchase on TpT!

There are a lot of my files in my TpT store that I plan on updating. I made a lot of items with word when I first started out and my OCD is kicking in. I want everything to look the same, with the same credits page and so on. So bear with me while I gradually update some items! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

DJ Inkers License & Pet Unit

So way back here I posted about the pets unit that I created & then realized I couldn't sell it because it used all DJ Inkers clipart. Well, DJ Inkers now offers a license! [Someone PLEASE make sure that Kristin at A Teeny Tiny Teacher knows this!]

 I don't know if you know that or not, but now you do! I purchased my license this weekend and now I can finally post my Pets Unit on TpT! 

[To save you from making the same mistake I did, if you want to sell items on TpT, then you need to purchase license #2!]

Here's my pretty license, now displayed at the bottom of my blog.

So, before TpT's back to school sale ends,  I wanted to get my pets unit posted!  I did some updating to the cover page and credits page, but other than that the activities pictured in my first post are still included.

Click here to purchase this item on TpT! It's included in the back to school sale for the rest of today, and in the sale I'm continuing tomorrow (aug. 14th) for 20% off!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

TpT Back to School Sale & Birthday!

The TpT back to school sale kicks off today! Head over to my store to save up to 28% on all items priced over $1.00! August 12th & 13th!

Be sure to enter the code BTS12 to get that extra 10% off!

But wait! August 14th is my birthday, and I want to celebrate that too, right?! My items priced over $1.00 will be 20% off on August 14th! [This will be perfect, just in case you miss the sale!]

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Create Your Own Lesson Plan Book

There are 3 things I'm certain of.

1. We have all seen this post/image in blog/pinterest land.

Creating your own lesson plan book! [click photo for original post]

2. We all added this idea to our to-do lists.

3. We were all in tears when we realized there was no template available for this idea.

There was one 1 thing I was uncertain of.

1. Can I make a template for this myself?

Well, I am now certain that I can do it. Because I did. I made my own lesson plan book. Do I love it? ABSOLUTELY! I feel like it's my baby. No more writing in everything, EVERY. WEEK. and drawing those lines EVERY. WEEK. Here's how it turned out.

Sorry for the horrible lighting in the pictures

All ready to be filled in!

First I created a template for my lesson plans on word & was sure to change my settings to legal size paper. 

After some time of aligning, tweaking, and typing, it was time to print.

I had to babysit my printer through this process--maybe you won't have to. I then fed the paper back through the printer so that I could get double sided pages.

Next, I had to create my front cover & back cover. Legal size too!!

I purchased some legal size laminating pouches to use with my home laminator for my front and back cover.

All pieces ready to go to Staples!

Final step--drive 2.3 miles to your local Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot with all of your pages carefully placed on your lap & get your book binded for around $5 if you wait, or around $2 if you come back later!

I am seriously so in love with this thing! It turned out so much better than expected and will be such a time saver to not have to write in all the schedule info and lines every week.

NOW for the best news--you can buy a template for yourself! It's a word document so you can edit it, but I suggest googling and downloading the font "PlainPrint" so that the font does not show up funny!

When you purchase this template, you will also receive 3 editable cover options to choose from. Just edit and print your favorite one! Here are the options included:

Google and download the font "Champagne & Limousines" for the font used in the title pages. These too are editable to your preference, I just included my information to inspire you!

Here is a close up of the schedule template and the page I made to go right after my cover page.

No, we won't be eating snack right after lunch. That header up there also includes nap/quiet/bathroom

Sorry this post is super long! I just had a lot of detail and information to share with you!

Click here to purchase this kit/templates on TpT! 

P.S. I will be participating in the TpT back to school sale, starting tomorrow! Go add this item to your wishlist now! :)

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