Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Dental Health Mini Unit-- UPDATED!

I have updated my Dental Health Mini Unit...and it's not be so mini anymore! I have added activities to this unit and it now includes 9 activities and 1 resource for you to use in aiding your discussions on dental health with your students.

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Here is what is included, check it out!

-Dental Clip Cards: Print & cut cards. Student count the pictures on the card and clip a clothespin or paper clip onto the correct number of pictures. Recording sheet included. (pg. 3- 8)
TSG 20: Uses number concepts and operations. A. counts B. quantifies C. connects numerals with their quantities
TSG 7a: Uses fingers and hands

- Writing Teeth: Print this tooth page multiple times. Place in your writing area with expo markers and tooth brushes. Students either write or “dirty” their teeth & then brush them clean with the tooth brush! (pg. 9)
TSG 7b: Uses writing and drawing tools
TSG 28: Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

-Dental Word Wall: Various dental words to display during your dental mini unit! (pg. 10-13)
TSG 8: Listens to and understands increasingly complex language
TSG 12: Remembers and connects experiences b. makes connections

-Teeth Counting & Addition: Using the mouth printable, have students roll a dice. Using small teeth cut outs (not included) or white unifix cubes, have students apply that number of teeth. Don’t have either of those? White playdoh balls could work too! Use the recording sheet to have students practice their addition with adding teeth to the mouth! (pg. 14-15)
TSG 8b: Follows directions
TSG 20: Uses number concepts and operations. A. counts B. quantifies C. connects numerals with their quantities

-Dental Puzzles: Cut the puzzles apart and give them to your students to put together. There are also puzzles with numbers included. (pg. 16-23)
TSG 20a: Counts
TSG 11: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning a. attends and engages b. persists c. solves problems d. shows curiosity and motivation e. shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

-Brush Our Teeth: Print out a class supply of these smiles. Attach them to popsicle sticks. Pass out to students to sing, “This is How We Brush Our Teeth”. Students use their finger as the toothbrush. (pg. 24)
TSG 8b: Follows directions
TSG 30: Shows basic understanding of people and how they live
TSG 34: Explores musical concepts and expression

-Find the Toothbrush:  Place the letters in a pocket chart or on the floor. Hide the toothbrush behind one. Students identify a letter and then look to see if the toothbrush is hiding under it. When the toothbrush is found, play the game again. (pg. 25- 31)
TSG 8b: Follows directions
TSG 16: Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet a. identifies and names letters

-Measuring Dental Health Objects: Using a non-standard unit of measurement, such as unifix cubes, have students measure the size of each of the items included. (Print and laminate pictures) Students use the recording sheet to write down their measurements. (pg. 32- 36)
TSG 8b: Follows directions
TSG 20: Uses number concepts and operations. A. counts B. quantifies C. connects numerals with their quantities
TSG 22: Compares and measures

-Good for our Teeth vs. Bad for our Teeth: Use this sorting activity to practice reviewing what types of foods are good for our teeth or bad for our teeth. Use the recording sheet for students to write their answers, or use the option that allows students to draw pictures of the items. If you have access to a poster machine, use the chart on page 37 to make a large class size. (pg. 37- 41)
TSG 24: Uses scientific inquiry skills
TSG 26: Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials
-Toothbrushing Visual Schedule: If you brush your teeth in the classroom, use this visual to help your students. Print and use as is, or print and assembly in a long strip. Also a great resource to send home at the end of your dental health unit. (pg. 42)

And here are some preview images of the activities:

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