Saturday, March 30, 2013

Love Washi Tape? You MUST Check this Out!

I'm pretty sure my constant references to washi tape make it no secret that I LOVE the stuff.

It's awesome. I've used it for some crafting, extra sealing on an envelope, and mostly in my planner.

My favorite thing about using it in my planner is that I can take it off and move it around if a meeting or something changes. Can we please make note of my month of April. Look at all that stuff! And the month hasn't even started yet. Oy vey. 

Yesterday while in Michaels I think I just about died. They sell washi tape dispensers now! I know, I know, couldn't you just put washi tape in a regular tape dispenser? You could. But you would need a lot of tape dispensers! 

My Michaels was having a sale on craft storage for 50% off so I got a great deal on these. I would go run to your Michaels before Monday to see if they are having the same sale.

They are sold in different packs. The piece at the bottom is sold on it's own, then the 2 on top are sold together. As you can see, they all work together and connect. You can also see that I don't have much more room for my collection to grow. I think I need some more purple and black tapes though! ;) 

I am one happy washi tape addict. Happy, happy, happy. 

Do you love washi tape? What is your favorite thing to use it for?


Mrs. Richardson's Class said...

This is fantastic!!! I love it! I haven't seen anyone use the washi tape for their planner either. Love the idea and my new tape just came in from PYP! GREAT!!
Mrs. Richardson's Class

Miss Kindergarten said...


Tara said...

What a great idea for that tape:) I will be doing that ASAP!!! Thanks for sharing;))

4th Grade Frolics

Unknown said...

Love those! I have seen the homemade versions...but these are great!
First Grade Blue SKies

Pam said...

I can tell you love it! Sounds fun. Can you write on it? or does it already have sayings on it?

The Polished Teacher said...

I have never used washi tape before but you have convinced me I NEED some ASAP! Thanks for sharing!


Tania said...

I love washi tape and use it for scrapbooking and kid's crafts.
My Second Sense

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