Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinosaur Roar Unit--Updated!

My Dinosaur Roar unit is my #3 best selling item! I can't believe it! It's one of the first items I created (or well created early on) and I have learned so much since then. This unit just needed to be revamped!

I have added 5 additional activities, updated the graphics on a few of the existing ones, and aligned the whole thing with teaching strategies gold and kindergarten common core. [some activities do not align to ccs] 

If you've already purchased this unit you are going to get a great deal! You can now download the update for free!

If you want to add this unit to your collection you can purchase for $6 on either TpT or TN.

Here's what is included:

1. Dinosaur Vocabulary Cards
2. Dinosaur Fact Posters
3. Dinosaur Writing Prompt
4. Positional Term Activity
5. Dinosaur Memory & Patterns
6. Leaf Counting
7. Trace & Write Cards
8. Number Practice
9. Dinosaur Action Cards
10. Dinosaur Fine Motor Cards
11. Dinosaur Songs/Chants
12. Additional Activities Ideas List

You can read my original post on the unit {here} and see how I made a volcano for my classroom {here}

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Super cute blog! I just found you through someone else's blog...ha. Not sure how I ended up here but glad I did :) You're blog is super cute!
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