Friday, July 25, 2014

Substitute Survival Guide

As I'm sure many of you have seen, I offer many substitute binder packs in my TpT store with all different themes. If you've never seen them you can check them out by {clicking here}.

These packs just include themed divider pages for setting up your substitute binders. The rest of the info is on you to gather, organize and include.


I have put together for my own classroom what I am calling a "substitute survival guide." Because let's be honest, they want to survive the day and we want them to too. And depending on what you teach, or the lovely student group you have that year--surviving really is the goal! :)

I was using one of the same theme binders in my classroom that I have listed in my store. But then this year, I realized, I never took the time to update each section like I should have. I would wind up typing out 8+pages for sub plans. They were basically a narrative of our day-- surely overwhelming for the sub. But I didn't want to forget anything!

Each year the needs of my students have become more and more complex. Especially when you are working with non-verbal students and you have a substitute come in, it can get a little tricky. EVERYTHING needs to be spelled out for them. What to do if so & so does this. What behaviors to ignore. Who is allergic to what. Who gets what edible reinforcers. Why they get that reinforcer. The list goes on.

Fortunately I have at least 1, if not 2 para-educators in my classroom who are pretty darn good at running the show if I have to be out. BUT the time may happen when we are both out. It never has, and knock on wood, it never will, but I need to have my sub binder prepared for something like that just in case. And better to do it now than when that fever is setting in around 10pm and realize you just can't make it in the next day.

I've included a ton of form options for you in this binder! There are some forms you may not need to use, just like there are some forms I don't need to use. My students don't have specials, but I know yours might, so there's an option for that. You may not have students who use their own individualized schedules, but mine do, so that form is in here too. I really think this is versatile for all teachers!

If there are forms you would love to see added to this, let me know! I'm willing to add on! Here's what is included so far:

-Binder spines (in 5 different size options)
-"Steps to Survival"
-Student information
  - student list
  - allergies
  - behaviors/how to address them
  - students triggers/reinforcers
  - related services
  - visual schedule order list
-Behavior Management
  - behavior system used (components)
  - behavior system used (reinforcers, earn, ex. of earns)
  - color clip chart
  - behavior report
-Daily Schedule
  - daily schedule
  - specials schedule
  - activity (describe each part of the schedule)
-Emergency Procedures
  - contact numbers
  - behavior problem procedure
  - fire drill procedure
  - lock down procedure
  - tornado procedure
  - earthquake procedure
  - hurricane procedure
  - power outage procedure
-Transportation Information
  - bus numbers
  - car riders
  - walkers
  - after school care
-Lesson Plans
  - format pages for plans (if interested)
  - student groups
-Miscellaneous Info
  - time fillers
  - early finishers
  - important songs and chants
  - map
  - bathroom breaks
  - ready, set, reset

This product is also editable, so you can fill in the forms in powerpoint with your own favorite fonts. OR there is a .pdf version included if you'd rather just print and fill in by hand. You can see that I created dividers by laminating the divider pages and using post it tabs. This is a super simple and easy way to use images as your divider pages!

I put all of my forms inside of page protectors. I just have a preference for organizing this way. Everything remains crisp and clean. I can't wait to put this to use in my classroom this year. I started to fill in some of my forms, but obviously need to wait until I have more information on my students before I can complete it. If you're interested in this product, you can find it in my TpT store {here}! I would LOVE your feedback on this!


Amber O. said...

You have clearly put a LOT of time, energy, and heart into this massive product! I really have never had a good sub "notebook"---just loose plans on a clipboard--but I'm going to definitely have to consider adding this to my routine! Enjoy your weekend!

Savvy in 2nd said...

I LOVE this, will be a life saver for me especially having a newborn

Mrs. Miner said...

Every teacher NEEDS this Erin! Thanks for being the one to create it!
Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business

Sarah said...

There's been a lot of sub binders on TPT but yours is the one I love the most! :) I usually just type up a narrative of the day, but it'll be nice to have this as well...just in case! ;)


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