Sunday, August 10, 2014

{ARGH} Mateys! Walk Ye Plank

3 guesses what the topic of this post is, but the first 2 don't count. Yep, you're right, it's pirates. We did a pirate theme in the classroom for the first time back in uhh May I think? I create pirate costumes for the kids, ordered masks, fun stuff for the sand table, even found a big blue treasure chest!

For dramatic play I made costumes out of some black and white polka dot fabric I had on hand, red t-shirts, and black t-shirts that I purchased at Michaels. I love buying the adult small shirts to make costumes with. They're large enough to fit over-top of what the kiddos are already wearing. Yes, they need some help, but they need help with most costumes anyway.

I also ordered coins, telescopes, hats, and hooks from Oriental Trading. I wouldn't recommend ordering the hooks. They fell apart very easily. I even tried super glue and no luck so I ended up taking them out all together.

I used some blue bulletin board paper to make waves and covered the other wall with a pirate table cloth I found in the party section at Walmart. I came across a Jake and the Neverland Pirates treasure chest in Tuesday Morning. I put coins inside of this one and they used in as their buried treasure. When they were done playing, the costumes went into the large blue plastic treasure chest I picked up at Walmart. (I didn't seem to have that included in any photos!)

Now this was my favorite part! The sand table! It turned out great!

I ordered the coins, gems, and pirate finger puppets from Oriental Trading as well. I think I ordered 2 bags of the gem and had more than enough to add to the table.

We also made our own treasure maps in the writing area. I provided them a "map template" with some pre-cut pieces they could glue onto their maps and color in.

I was super excited about pirates and so were the kids. The dramatic play area was a huge hit, and I think the turn out with the sand table was my favorite. Fortunately I snapped photos of a lot of the activities we did, but I never took the time to finish the activity pack I was working on...until now. Yes, 3 months later.

This is probably not a timely post for pirates. But it's off my desktop. Off the to do list. And that I feel good about. When you're ready to shop for pirates, it'll be there. In my store. I suggest you put it on your wish list in the meantime-- you know, so you don't forget about it. {click here to view the pack in my store}

I took step-by-step photos for making the pirate costumes so if that's something you are interested just let me know! If enough people are curious I can do a post on those too! :)

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