Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scholastic Book Orders

Do you send home book orders to your class? I've never fallen into the habit of it, despite the huge benefits I know it could have for my classroom. Perhaps because I've had low participation in the past, but it always falls to the bottom of my list. No matter how many times I carry the flyers back and forth between school and home, just hoping I will get them done one night.

I get order forms for a wide age variety, which I'm glad I do. The interest levels of my students vary greatly, as do their developmental levels. I like the honeybee flyer for selecting board books. We always start each school year with only board books. While many of my students love books, they aren't always that gentle with them. Board books are GREAT! If you are working with special education pre-schoolers I would encourage you to check out the honeybee and firefly book flyers for sure. If you aren't receiving them, you can always view them online. Here are some of my favorite deals from this months Honeybee Flyer.

The Tractors book I circled would be a huge hit in my classroom. It's a board book and has textured pages.

I had to take to Amazon over the winter break in search of more winter board books for our bookshelf. I love the Snowy Day and this is a great $6 deal for a board book!

And this is my favorite deal! First Words Word Book for only $5. It was originally $15.95.

In an effort to fall into the habit of sending home more book orders I have typed up all the forms I need to tell my families about book orders, and the reminders to send home for each order deadline as well.

I had always used the Scholastic generated forms before hand and as a nit-picky border and font lover, I was never a fan of their, in comparison, dull forms. (HAHA!-- what has TpT done to us teachers?!)

Now each time I get a packet of flyers in my mailbox, I'll have my forms handy and ready to go to send home a new order form.

If you're interested in the information letter and forms that I created you can snag them from my TpT store as a freebie! I hope it's something you can use in your classroom. I left blanks for you to fill in your classroom activation code and your order form due dates. {click here to download}



Jinny K. said...

I find the same problem with limited responses, but am so excited to see such a cute letter and reminder cards! Thanks for the awesome freebie!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for making these cute forms for us to use! I will be downloading these tomorrow at school for sure!

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