Tuesday, April 07, 2015

IT'S SPRING BREAK! {..and ABC assessment}

Clearly my post title suggests that I am more excited about one of these things. BUT you may be more excited about the other one; ABC Assessment Ring! I really went back and forth over what to include on this ring. Do I split the alphabet in half? Do I include anything with pictures of items? Lowercase? In the end all these questions result in the perfect ring to assess your kiddos on their knowledge of identifying capital letters and lowercase letters.


You could set all of these question sets up on one ring, or divide it into two rings; one assessing capitals and one assessing lowercase letters. Whatever your preference is.

This set also includes two data tracking sheets. One for capitals and one for lowercase letters. If you would like to purchase this set just {click here}. If you already own the bundle you'll want to download the revised version to get this set too. This is the LAST set added to the bundle. You'll save $4.00 by buying the bundle and getting all 5 sets.



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