Friday, May 26, 2017

Sensory TheraPlay Box! -- April Review

Now that I got the introduction post out of the way I hope to share the contents of each of my Sensory TheraPlay Boxes with you for each month. 

I thought I would have had April's review posted a long time ago but lots of busy stuff in life got in the way! So again, I'm off with my months!

As I shared in my first post {that you can read here} each box contains a different amount of items all geared toward sensory and/or fine motor play. My first box included 8 different items, and my second box for April, included 5.

Despite this months box having fewer items than last, I really enjoyed all that was included.

If I had to guess, the value of the items in your box might play a roll in the amount of items inside each box. For example, Crazy Aaron's putty retails anywhere from $10-$15 each depending on the putty chosen.

When I first opened my box I found the Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt game.

The timing for the game was perfect with Easter right around the corner and it's a great way to practice fine motor skills and reinforce color recognition. I actually planned to take the game with me on a trip to South Carolina to visit my nieces, but I forgot it! Whoops! This is definitely practical to apply in my classroom and really can be used anytime of the school year.

Next I found these scented bubble bath soaps!

My oldest niece put these to the test and she said they smell great! She also said she was covered in glitter afterwards and I didn't even know they had glitter in them, haha!

This alligator "squeeze head" was next-- what an awesome sensory toy!

This little guy is fun. His texture is rubbery and when you squeeze him you get red to pop out of his eyes or his mouth! He's also a little stretchy too. The other thing I have to note about this guy is that when you squeeze him, there is a definite sense of durability in material, which is important. I've had so many sensory items similiar to this that have popped pretty quickly.

Have you ever heard of a Jeliku?! I hadn't, but it's actually pretty cool! 

I had to open this one up and play around with it a little bit. All piece are connected and you can move it all around to make different shapes. The pack even shows you can set it up to hold your phone! So cool. I thought the best way to show this off was to share this YouTube video from the brand.

And last but not least, my favorite item from the box, Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty

I never knew how much I needed this as an adult, haha! I am TERRIBLE about just sitting. I cannot just sit and watch TV. I cannot just sit and watch my lecture videos for online classes-- which is bad! I end up missing content because I find myself picking up my phone to keep my hands busy. Now I grab my glob of putty to keep myself focused and on task. This putty has great consistency for building muscles for improved fine motor control, it's also really awesome to place on random objects and watch it mold around it. I keep finding it on random stuff around the house as my husband keeps moving it. It's actually pretty funny. I see more thinking putty in my future for sure! They recently came out with a clear that I REALLY want, but will be REALLY sad if it gets dirty.

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