Saturday, December 23, 2017

Holiday Workboxes! {Christmas 2017}

Excuse me while I pull down the cob webs from this blog. 

If you're not a blogger yourself you really don't understand how time consuming putting together a great post can be. That my friends is why I end up blogging so little. HOWEVER I am posting on Instagram very frequently so please be sure to follow me there if you aren't already.

I'd originally taken the photos in this post to share on Instagram, but then I realized I could give you so much more information about each idea if I made it a blog post.

I filled up 8 of my workboxes with some holiday themed tasks that are pretty cheap and easy to assemble. Some of the materials I've used I found a year or 2 ago, but it would be easy to replace them with something similiar in the stores now.

I also realize I'm posting this at a time when most of you are probably already out of school. Tuck these ideas away for next year and shop Christmas clearance for items to use in your boxes!

This box is missing number with clothespins. I put 4 number strips in here, but I have more. The resource is from Teaching Special Thinkers. I believe it's her Holiday Clothespin Tasks. I love using clothespins tasks in my workboxes. They really help build those fine motor skills and there are so many different ways to use them.

The next box can be a little tricky for some of my students, but makes a good challenge for some others. They have to match the faces to the correct body. This really forces them to pay attention to detail. I found this resource from Creative Learning 4 Kidz on TpT. I love their stuff! 

What are you doing with your target erasers? This box is great because each month I can just switch out the erasers that I'm using. Students have to count them out and put the correct number in each spot on the tray. Super easy to set up and super cheap! I think ice cube trays are 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree.

This one is also from Teaching Special Thinkers Holiday Clothespin Tasks. I love this one! Students have to put the clip on the picture that matches the big picture. Matching identical pictures in VB-MAPP anyone? 

I have 2 boxes that have 3 shape sorting cards in them each. These particular cards are from Creative Learning 4 Kidz too. What I love about using shape sorting cards in work boxes is that you can easily differentiate. You can do 2, 3, 4 different shapes. You can pick shapes that are drastically different, or ones that are more alike to make the task more challenging. 

I can't remember where I found this resource, but it was in my Christmas tub of stuff. I've just recently started adding some dry erase stuff to our work boxes to give additional fine motor practice. So far the students have done pretty well with them. Just something quick and simple. Nothing too difficult to be frustrating. Almost all of my students get OT so I try to make sure they each do a dry erase box at least 1-2x/week. 

I know I most definitely bought these somewhere on 90% off clearance. At the time I didn't know what in the world I was going to use them for, but they were too cheap to pass on. I taped one of each to the bottom of these little containers from Dollar Tree and placed the others in the container. Easy peesy sorting task. So be sure to hit up those after holiday clearance sections to buy some materials for next year!

Another super easy sorting task box to set up. I have tons of these small containers from Dollar Tree and use them for SO many things throughout the classroom so I just grabbed a red and green one from my stash and threw in some bells. A holiday touch, easy, and cheap! 

My last holiday work box is another shape sorting one, but it's with Christmas trees. I just did one of these, but same set up as the others I shared. This one only has 2 different cards. You can get these from my TpT store by clicking {here}

I know it's after the holidays, but be sure to save this post for next year and shop those clearance sections now to find cheap materials! I did snap photos of my winter themed boxes for January that I will be sharing over break too!


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