Thursday, April 21, 2011

bachelorette frame

Here is a bachelorette picture frame I made as a gift for someone. Meaning, they have to take at least one decent picture for the frame! I had to wait to post pictures until I had given the gift. (Didn't want to spoil the surprise!)

The word bachelorette (which, by the way, ALWAYS looks like it is spelt incorrectly to me) was cut out using the Alphalicious cartridge. The black set of letters is 1in short stack bold and the top set of letters is 1in short stack. The paper on top of the letters matches the paper used in the photo spot. The other details are from a sticker set I found at Michael's.

Detail of the letters

Sticker detail

You can't tell from the photos that well, but the stickers don't lay flat. They have small foam squares on the back to give them a 3D or pop-out effect. Well, this presented a problem when it was time to put the backing of the frame on. I knew it would be tight, but I didn't think it would be as much of a problem as it turned out to be. I wound up having to trim off about 1cm from the backing of the photo frame. After scoring it with a razor blade and then continuously running the razor blade down that line, I was able to cut a piece off. Maybe in the future I will consider using a shadow box if I plan on using this type of sticker.

I was happy with how the frame turned out! The stickers added a really fun touch. If I had a frame with a larger mat I would have loved to have added a pink sparkle ribbon to match the pink sparkle letters. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Florida & I can almost promise you that tomorrow's post will involve a photo taken while people watching in an airport.

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