Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Home Bulletin Board Makeover

Here's a post for the crafty portion of the blog! I recently did a makeover to a bulletin board in my room. This bulletin board has been around f.o.r.e.v.e.r. It might even be on it's last life. I'm sure my older sister used it at one point and during my middle school days I adopted it and made it look like this:

See the pink and yellow gingham ribbon around the edges of the board? Ps. this board clearly became a catch all for small items that didn't have a home. Such as thank you cards and silly little gift items.

Now my bulletin board happily looks like this:

The colors match my bedspread and new colors I'm using in my room. (Black, yellow and gray). I even re-painted the words at the top and added a new larger word in the middle.

In case you're just starting to join this blog, I still live with my parents. (It's ok, I'm only 22.) And while I have moved on from the pink and green bedroom walls I have, I can't convince my roommates parents, to re-paint my room. So, we all have to pretend my walls aren't green.

I simply removed the pink and yellow gingham ribbon on the board previously, but was left with this:

Awesome. Hot glue attached to the wood that is, NOT. COMING. OFF. I just painted over top of the glue and wood with gray acrylic paint. Covering it with the ribbon helped to hide the raised glue. The white ric rac also helps to hide the glue designs.

The words I re-painted were the ones already on top of the bulletin board and the large LOVE was found in Marshalls clearance for $3.00.

I sprayed each word with a coat of spray primer and then a coat of white spray paint. From there I painted them the different colors.

I may decide to do more to the word LOVE and I ended up not using the word wish again at all, but hey, maybe it will find a new home!

I love the updated look of my bulletin board! Have you recently taken a break from your classroom and revamped something in your home?



Erin Lukas said...

Thanks Katherine! A little ribbon and hot glue and you can have a whole new look!

Rhoda said...

That is a great revamp!!! Easy too! Lovely job!

Anonymous said...

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