Thursday, July 28, 2011

Word Wall Cards

So I was recently inspired by a photo on pinterest to create a word wall for my pre-k guys!

This photo is originally from a great teaching blog, From Kindergarten with Love. I thought, what a great way to do a classroom word wall for pre-k, using environmental print! I always included a letter into our morning messages that goes with our theme for the week. My thought is to have families send in a label or picture starting with that letter toward the end of our unit. We can discuss them during morning messages and add them to our word wall.

Since I can't work in my classroom yet, I don't have a picture of my word wall. But I sketched out a super cute idea! (Does anyone else do this? It really helps me put my bulletin boards together!)

I did make letter cards to go with my ocean/beach theme for my word wall using clipart from Just So Scrappy Too. They were so easy! I simply added letters to the frames.

Word Wall Letters

You can download them from Scribd by clicking the document above. I was unable to upload the document to my TpT store because it was too large. (If anyone knows a way on how to reduce the file size of a pdf, let me know!)


Karen Stamp said...

So excited to see my friend Kelly's photo highlighted on your blog... she is AMAZING in real life too!

I don't have too many things on TpT yet, but I did discover a way to make thing smaller... just zip the file. This is also helpful when you have many items in a folder.
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Jess said...

This gave me a great idea to do a class book. I'm going to have my students look through magazines and pick out words that start with each letter. Then we will make a class book out of it. It's perfect for back to school because my first graders get a review of all the letter/sounds!

Anonymous said...


I Love these ideas, do you have anything like this in a jungle or monkey theme??? I would love to have it.

Thanks and your blog is wonderful!

Erin Lukas said...


I checked to see if Just So Scrappy had a free set of jungle frames, and they don't. I do however have some jungle clip art and they do sell a set. If you give me a few days I could put one together for you! :) I will e-mail you when it's ready!

An Up Hil Journey said...

Erin-Do you think you could also email me when you have the jungle theme done? I would love to not have to spend the time to do this if you are already going to do it. Thanks


Rhoda said...

This is such a cool idea!!! Things like this make me wish I was teaching youngsters, but I suppose I'll stick with my high school students! :)

kinderpond said...

This was a great find!



Erin Lukas said...

Hi Everyone!!! If you requested jungle themed word wall cards, I have posted them here on my blog with a free download! :)

Julie said...

Erin - I couldn't find your email on here. I'm wondering if you have a how to page?? I would love to know how to make these. Not that I have to cuz yours are awesome but I think it would be fun. I would love to make some SMART Board activities but I'm new to all of that jazz. I downloaded some cute alien stuff from Just So Scrappy but can't figure out how to use it. Smart huh? :) Do you have time to help or have a site that gives tutorials/walk throughs?
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Debra said...

I would also like to know how to put the print on the graphics and what program you use for your work. I have found great graphics but have not been able to find a resource for this information. A step by step guide is what I am looking for.

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