Monday, August 15, 2011

Blog Design Crisis.

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, i.e. longer than 2 weeks, I'm sure you've noticed I have a wee-bit of blog design ADD. If you tune into Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, you're familiar with "the family of 1,000 hats", well, I'm "the blog of 1,000 designs!"

I've made almost all my designs, and I love doing it. Every time I find new clip art OR learn how to do something new to create a layout, I almost immediately change it. I'm always perfectly happy and content after each blog design and think, THIS.IS.IT. Then, the novelty wears off and I want something new.

I don't think I've settled on 1 design yet because I'm still looking for that perfect design that I feel suits my blog.

Should I just buy a cute blog design? Will I be less likely to change it 50 bagazillion times if I've purchased the design? But wait, I can't make my mind up on one to purchase! Oy vey.

There are also several posts just like this one. Where I'm explaining myself hoping for your forgiveness for my constant design change...

I need help. I need your help. Am I driving you nuts with my incessant design change? Am I hurting my "blog brand" by changing it so much? I need some feedback! All positive and/or negative comments or suggestions are welcome!


Kristin said...

You're not bothering me by changing it up! I only wish I knew how to do all that - I bought mine. And my hubby keeps saying I need to learn how to do this myself so that my blog doesn't get old. Mind you, I have had it up and running for just one month!!! :)
I say, "Do whatever makes YOU happy!" I will keep following you!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Jess said...

I like that you change it up! I think change makes it look fresh like buying a new outfit. I really don't think it changes your brand at all. I am actually looking for a new blog design right now. I can't make up my mind on any! Your blog design is super cute though....are you making ones for other people?
Rambling About Reading

Erin Lukas said...

Thank you guys so much! I'm glad you don't find it annoying that I keep changing it!! :) Hopefully I'll find one here soon that I'd like to keep for a while. I love what I just put up, I think it addresses the teaching pre-school and creating part of the title! :)

Jess--I wish I could make them for other people!! I actually don't know enough about html codes to do that! Right now, for the header and sidebar label I upload photos to photobucket and use the html gadget feature of blogger! The signature and post divider I add into the html. If I knew a way to create and give you a code to copy and paste I'd love to!

Liz said...

I love all the changes! I kind of have the whole blog design ADD too! I keep hoping I will win free blog design giveaways or find someone who is willing to do it for free since my budget for blogging is non-existent! If you figure out all of the html mumbo jumbo I'd love for you to design something for me! I can pay you in food or crafts :)

Keri Kelly said...

i love your blog and understand 100% about blog design changes...i think you're very talented and shouldn't worry about buying a blog design...i am a follower and will continue to follow and enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

This blog is about I think the changes are great! It showing us other bloggers some great ideas!

Lauren Morse said...

It doesn't bother me at all. I wish I knew how to create a blog design. But, I'm not sure I could decide what I wanted if I had limitless possibilities.

Anonymous said...

I think a change is good. :-) I'm always going back and forth about buying a beautiful blog package that's custom made and just what I want. And then I come back to earth when I see how much it costs, ha! I figure if it is free, go for it, but other than that, I've got to keep it in perspective.

Erin Lukas said...

Again, thank you everyone for your feeback!! It's nice to know that I'm not driving you all nuts! :)

If I could maybe figure out how to design blogs for others, it would fulfill my need to create designs so much! Still trying to figure that one out!

But yet again, thank you!! :)

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