Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monster Name Tags--Freebie!

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned this or not, but we use High Scope Curriculum in our pre-school classrooms. Last year was our first year with the curriculum, and while we found their assessment piece to be incredibly overwhelming (so we replaced it with Teaching Strategies GOLD this year--LOVE), every other component about the curriculum is awesome.

One of my favorites are Letter Links. Each child has their own letter link and you can find me printing out a gazillion copies of them & putting them on everything in the beginning of the school year! :)

They are made up of the child's name & a picture of something that starts with the same sound. The kids learn to recognize their own name and letter link, as well as all of their classmates within the first few weeks!

Here is an example from their website of what a "sign-in" sheet would look like. The students sign their name in everyday on the sign in sheets.

Among the many other printable options for your letter links, are Avery Labels. You purchase the appropriate size and BAM, you have labels when you click print. I use these labels to make the students new name tags. EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK. I make it sound daunting, but really it's not! :)

Here are our dinosaur name tags for this week.

The students will go over and find their name tag on the carpet and that is where they sit for greeting time.

Next week we will have MONSTER name tags! I typically purchase different accents or notepads at the teaching store for name tags, but seeing as though the closest store is 40 minutes away from me, (yes you read that correctly), I figured I would make some of my own for monsters! Which also means, you get them as a freebie too! :)

Don't forget, I print on fast draft, so the color looks lighter than it is!

You can download them for free from either TpT or TN! All of the adorable monsters used to create these name tags are from Digi Web Studio and KPM Doodles! Check her out on etsy!

Coming soon to go along with the name tags....AHH!! MONSTERS! Unit! Stay Tuned! :)



Jill said...

The teacher store is about 40 minutes from my house too!! So when I go, I have a long list of things I need. :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

Erin Lukas said...

I know! It's awful! I'm starting to make even more stuff (name tags, calendar cards, etc) Ink and cardstock might be cheaper than gas & always dropping a small fortune! :)

Jill said...

True that. Until a month ago, we didn't have a laminator at school, so I was going there for that too and that adds up fast!!

Kristin said...

Those are super cute!!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Erin Lukas said...

Thanks Kristin!

And Jill.. I CANNOT imagine not having a laminator. I can't even imagine having a limit on how much I laminate either. I think I'd laminate myself to keep the germies off if I thought it would work! haha I laminate everything!

I teach in Delaware and while the state is tiny, throughout it we have "Delaware Teacher Centers" and you can go to them, show your ID and use their resources- laminator, die cut, check out resources. Some items have limits on them, but it's still super nice to have as an option! Does your state do anything like that?

Jill said...

Wow!!! That sounds amazing. We only have a tiny die cutter at school - it can only cut two-inch capital letters!! I don't know of any places like your teacher centers here in IL.

I did go to a workshop at a nature museum in Chicago and they said they have a teacher resource center there that sounds like yours. However... a 1.5 hour train ride where I have to lug all my stuff doesn't seem worth the trouble!!

Note to self: move to Delaware!!!!!

Julia said...

Hi there~
I have nominated YOU for the Sunshine Award! You are wonderful at what you do! Please visit my blog to learn more about this award! :)



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