Thursday, December 08, 2011

No Sew Dinosaur Volcano!

So, if you haven't noticed this by now, or are new to these parts, I love me some dramatic play. And I think it is incredibly essential to keep the dramatic play area new and fresh!

I try my hardest to not keep our dramatic play/house area the exact same for any longer than two weeks. It might be a kitchen for longer than 2 weeks, but the contents/theme in that kitchen will change.

We just finished up a week on dinosaurs and then monsters and during that time we had dinosaurs in our house area!

Successfully executed with Dollar Tree dinosaur hats, some dinosaur feet, a bucket of plastic dinosaurs, and a bed sheet volcano! There isn't much in a dinosaur dramatic play area, but that's just perfect. Dinosaurs tend to lend themselves to LOUD play!

Want to make yourself a volcano? Here's how!

- 1 light blue twin bed sheet ($5 at walmart)
- 1 brown twin bed sheet
- white fabric/scraps
- red fabric/scraps
- heat and bond rolls
(I should have snapped a materials photo, but I was too eager to get started!)

First: IRON. Ironing is a pain and if you can get all of the wrinkles out of these bed sheets, give me your address because I'm sending you my laundry.

Second: cut your clouds out of your white and place them on top for planning purposes.

Third: lay your brown sheet on top of your blue one. sketch out your volcano design on your brown sheet & then cut it out.

Fourth: time for heat and bond. Start with your volcano first. You are going to be applying the heat and bond strips around the edging of your volcano. Here is what you should use, and here is what you'll do...

Fifth: apply the head and bound around your clouds. I just cut many smaller sized pieces to go around the curves in the clouds.

Sixth: Peel the white off of your heat and bond and line it back up on top of your blue sheet. Now you are going to be ironing to attach your volcano to your background. This can be a little frustrating if you are trying to keep everything in place. I suggest using some stick pins, or using your iron on the floor. 

Seventh: Repeat step six for your clouds.

Eighth: Draw out your lava and cut it out. Use heat and bond to attach. My lava is actually red felt. Heat and bond does not like felt. Use hot glue instead! :)

Nine: this is optional. I cut up the middle to make an opening. I then adhered more heat and bond along this new formed seam!

It might sound like more than it is, but it's super simple. It does take a little bit of time, but looks great in the end and I hope to get quite a bit of use out of it! To attach it to my loft, I simply cut holes in when I got to work and tied ribbon through them!

Up next...a Gingerbread House! But more about that is on the way! Stay tuned!



Unknown said...

That is awesome!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

I would want to play and read about dinosaurs with that beautiful scene as a backdrop. Very creative and resourceful!

Jenn Bates said...

Posts like this ALMOST make me want to teach preschool :-). Great Job!
Finally in First

Miss Kindergarten said...

Wow! Darling! My favorite part was your glittery red nail ;)

Erin Lukas said...

Thanks guys! It worked wonderfully! No issues with anyone pulling on it, or being too rough walking/crawling through! I can't wait to attempt the gingerbread house this weekend!

Tom Williams said...

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