Thursday, January 26, 2012

I need to ask... linky party

How in the world do you organize your TpT units after you have purchased and prep them?! I need some direction here. I'm a big fan of putting activities into gallon size baggies & then I just put them in my themed boxes, but I don't know if I'm content with that.

How do you organize your larger units so that everything stays together? Like the recording sheets along with the activities? Please share all of your ideas and suggestions, and post links to ideas if you have them by joining the linky party below!

P.S.: I didn't realize The Lesson Plan Diva posted a very similar question on Monday! (Um, hello, catch up on my google reader..) I'm headed her way to check out more ideas too!



Marlana said...

Sorry, I don't have a picture or post to link to, but I store mine in sheet protectors and place them in a binder by theme or unit. It helps me to keep everything together. If you don't like that the sheet protectors are open on the top, you can put always put velcro in between the two sheets. I like being able to see all of the pieces and still have worksheets and resource pages together with the activities.

Lil' Country Kindergarten

Erin Lukas said...

This is a great suggestion! I do this with resource ideas. Like I photocopy things from Mailbox, etc. for different themes and then place in page protectors with any sheets that might need copies made of them to accompany the lesson in the middle. I love this system. I may just have to add my units & items to this system as well!

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