Monday, January 02, 2012

Snowflake Letter Hunt- FREEBIE

I wanted to share this freebie with you yesterday, but if Microsoft Word fought me one more time on this document I was going to loose my marbles. So I had to give it a rest. But now I have it ready to share!

First, I made these letter search water bottles. I'm pretty sure no one reading this is a stranger to this idea, but in case you are...

1. Find some empty bottles.
2. Fill them with a small item of your choice. (Sand, rice, etc.)
3. Add other miscellaneous items. (I added beads and glitter)
4. Add your snowflakes. I used small foam snowflakes I wrote letters on.
5. Hot glue your lid on and voila!

Don't hate on my iphone photos OR lesson plan book backdrop!

I'm going to place this activity in our writing area and students can search through the bottles to find letters. When they find them they can write them down on the snowflake recording sheet below. You can download the sheet for free!

Snowflake Word Hunt

As far as making your snowflakes, I found winter foam kits/accessories on clearance at Micheal's for 70% off. No joke, I bought some of those $7.99 kits for only $2.39 a piece! These foam projects are classroom gold in my mind.

Is anyone else wishing they could get access to a laminator larger than their home one today?! (I'm sure those of you who have to work today do not wish you could access your school laminator!) I have printed out so much over break and would love to have it all laminated and cut! Ugh!


Unknown said...

Super cute!! Thanks for sharing!! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Lisa said...

Super cute! Thanks!

Try Power Point!! I know it sounds crazy, but it makes creating SO much easier!! I read about it on a comment somewhere (sorry I don't remember who it was). Whoever suggested it is a genius in my eyes!

Live Laugh and Love to Learn

Erin Lukas said...

Thank you both!

I've heard that a lot of people use powerpoint, I just haven't given it a try yet...maybe I should!

megandw said...

Those bottles are darling...I love the snowflakes with the rice!
Not to be picky...but shouldn't the recording sheet say "Snowflake Letter Hunt" since the snowflakes have letters on them?
Thanks for sharing!

Erin Lukas said...

You are absolutely right!! Oh my gosh!!! I need to change that!!!

Jess said...

Love this idea! I think I'll try this using sight words! Thank you for sharing!
Rambling About Reading

Katherine said...

Love it Erin, great job!

Autismabc123 said...

Soooooo cute! And yes using ppt. Does make it easier because words and clip art etc. are more easily manipulated.

Pam said...

I love your new blog design.. tooooo cute!

Lisa Howard said...

Love the snowflake bottle. Thanks for sharing!!
- Lisa
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