Thursday, January 05, 2012

Winter Activity Bundle Giveaway!

Are you ready to win TWO awesome winter activity bundles?! Myself and Julia from Loving and Learning in Pre-K are giving away our winter activity packs to 2 lucky winners! So, 2 people will win, 2 winter activity bundles!

Here is a preview of my unit:

Activities included in the unit:

Mitten Match: Print out two sets of the mitten cards below. Turn cards over to play a matching game. Students can also match hats, scarves, and mittens together by their colors. (pg. 3- 4)

Penguin Feed: Print out the penguin cards and feed the penguins that number of fish. Buy a container of goldfish for this activity. Include tweezers for fine motor practice. (pg. 5- 9)

Hot Cocoa Count: Print out the cocoa cups and put that number of marshmallows in each cup. Buy a bag of marshmallows (or white pom-poms) for this activity. Include tweezers for fine motor practice. (pg. 10- 14)

Penguin Alphabet Game: Print out the penguins and the fish. Hide the fish behind a penguin and have students guess letters to find the fish. A pocket chart works great for this activity. (pg. 15- 19)

Winter Spelling: Print the spelling cards. Use small letter tiles, or the included letter printouts. Laminate and apply Velcro. Students look for the missing letters to spell the winter words. Use the worksheet students to practice writing the words. (pg. 19- 22)

Winter Sorting: Print out the cards and the sorting page. Students look at the cards and sort winter items that you wear and winter items that you enjoy. (pg. 23- 24)

Snowman Size Sort: Print snowmen and have students place them in size sequence order. (pg. 25- 27)

Alphabet Matching: Print the worksheets for students to practice writing their letters. Students then connect match up the letter on the left and right side of the page. (pg. 28- 32)

Other Activities: Read the suggestions for more activity ideas for your classroom such as dramatic play, sensory ideas, and art ideas. (pg. 33)

Head over to Julia's blog to check out her unit and to enter the giveaway! You can leave comments about the giveaway here on my blog, if you like, but only the *entering* comments on Julia's blog will be used to select the winners! So head on over and find out the FIVE different ways that you can enter! GOOD LUCK!

P.S.: if you would like to purchase this unit you can find it in TpT or TN for $3.00!


Unknown said...

This looks great, Erin! I am going over now! =)
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Buggy for First Grade said...

Scooting over there now!
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Sara said...

Woohoo!! How cute!

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Mrs. Russell's Class said...

I commented about you over at Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade on Holly's post, 250 Followers- a Different Kind of Giveaway. : )

Using Your Smarticles said...

Thanks for all of your helpful posts!! I've just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop on by to see what it is all about!

Holly said...

Somebody gave you a shoutout in my blog giveaway - and I did too! :)

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