Monday, February 06, 2012

February Currently!

You know the drill! Although, I could really use some support with my "thinking" one. Any great stories you have to share would be great! :)



Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I'm sorry about the student teacher {thinking.} I had a pretty terrible experience with mine last year. She was NOT prepared at all for everything that being a teacher entails. I had to spend so much time helping her with her classroom management that I still had to write the lessons. Ugh, it was awful! My advice? Stay in contact with the University Supervisor and have her/him set goals that can be documented {many and often.}

Bonnie Walton said...

I ♥ granola...I totally think you should post the recipe :)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! The font I used was Pea Lauryn from Kevin & Amanda (of course!). I love their fonts :)

P.S. I totally feel cool that you're following me!

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Ms. McRae said...

My best advice about student teaching is have her sit in on your planning sessions. Gradually give her the reins of teaching a lesson on one day and so on. Video tape it so they can see what they need to fix. No matter how many times you tell someone something the best way for them to learn is diving right into it and also seeing it from a different perspective. I know it is hard to deal with classroom management when you have another person in charge but sometimes you have to take a backseat and let them work it out on their own. Reflection is the best way to learn how to improve.

Erin Lukas said...

Thank you guys!! I know the hardest thing for me has been to take the backseat!! I always have something I want to say! A coworker of fine suggested completing a + Delta chart while they are doing a lesson. This way I write down anything I want to say & they get tons of feedback. So far it's working, but this still such an adjustment for me!!

Thanks for letting me know the font! I'm on my way to download it immediately!

AND the granola recipe is posted!! You can check it out here:

Ketchen's Kindergarten said...

I'm so glad you posted your "thinking"!!! I am thinking the same thing - it's definitely a hard balancing act and it's hard to sit back!!! the advice that others are sharing. :)

Jen R said...

erin. I feel you on the intern thing...send me an email!

Unknown said...

I admire you for having a student teacher. I truly don't think I would be able to handle it! I think you go some good advice though!! If it ever happens to me, Im coming to you!!!

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Kristin said...

I love that you're going to get coffee for the teacher's lounge! :)
Wine sounds delicious!!
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Mrs. M said...

I had a pretty bad experience with a student teacher so I probably won't be one to give advice since I vow to never have another one again {yup, it was THAT bad} Sorry. Hang in there.

Mrs. L said...

Wow, I didn't know that student teachers were such a problem. I agree with taking notes, recording her on video, and letting her sit on planning meetings. I found all those things super helpful. I also learned a lot from practice. What worked and what I needed to change.
I hope it gets better.
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Michelle said...

I've had several student teachers through the years , I think 6 or 7. What I discovered is teaching is a lot like playing the piano. There are some people who play the piano naturally - they can play music by ear, they don't have to practice as much as other people, but some how the music just flows out of them. There are others who are competent, maybe even good. They are diligent piano students. They practice every day, do the drills, etc. but even though they are good they don't have that little extra touch that the natural student has. Then there are those tone-deaf students who try really hard, but the music always sounds like plink, plank, plunk. Out of my student teachers, 2 of them were naturals. They came in and needed very little direction from me. They were "instinctive" teachers. The largest group was the good group, they needed some support, but each day I could see growth. I had one who was "tone-deaf". It was sad, but it didn't seem like she had "teacher material" in her. She got a job, and I ran into a teacher a few years later who taught at her school. She was still "tone-deaf".

I don't know which of the 3 groups your S.T. falls into. Hopefully, she just needs a little time and advice so you'll see growth.

Unknown said...

Love Granola! Love wine! Love Friends! Sounds like a perfect night! :)
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Erin Lukas said...

Michelle, I LOVE your answer!! So perfect! :)

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