Thursday, February 02, 2012

Gummy Bear Fun!

Ok. I promised I was posting about some gummy bear fun later this week. I almost fell asleep in the middle of finishing it, but was determined to share it with ya'll tonight. Because let's face it, I'm going to be far too exhausted tomorrow evening (duh, it's Friday) to get to it!

I'm in bed finishing up this post to get the activities to you! As soon as it's uploaded it is lights out computer screened closed.

This week we are doing bears. I thought the kids would enjoy a fun activity with sorting gummy bears. I also wanted them to practice with writing their data. Let me remind you, I teach SPECIAL EDUCATION pre-school. These kiddos blew me out of the water with how well they did with this activity! We had to write numbers and "read" our sentences. I had one student say, "Miss Blecki, can I do it by myself?" when it was her turn to read. She didn't want me pointing or saying anything! Oh. These moments. This is what I love about my job. I think I was more excited than they were! Of course when they were finished they got to each their gummy bears! (By the way, eating them was a huge deal. As soon as they saw I even had gummy bears I had students saying, "We can't eat them!" Boy do I have them trained well on using food as manipulatives! :) )

Here are a few photos of us writing our numbers to make our sentences.

Included in this gummy bear fun are the following activities:

-Gummy Bear Sorting: on page 3 you will find a sorting mat for sorting out gummy bear colors. Print as many of these as you need. On pages 4-8 are sentences for students complete on their data. I did with with my students using dry erase markers & in a small group setting. They each got a different sentence to complete & we switched. At the end I let the students eat the gummy bears. (pgs. 2-8)

-Gummy Bear Matching: Print 2 sets of these gummy bear cards to play a gummy bear memory game. You could also them for patterns. (pgs. 9- 11)

-Gummy Bear Writing: Here is a gummy bear writing prompt. Students pick a color gummy bear they would like to be & include why. A great addition to this activity would be a gummy bear craftivity. (not included) (pg. 12)

-Gummy Bear Counting: Look at the gummy bear card and the number in the corner. Count out that number of gummy bears to put on your card. Or you could clip on that number of clothespins. (pgs. 13-17) 
If you would like, you can purchase in TpT or TN for $2.00 by clicking one of the buttons below.


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Kim said...

So cute!

Growing Up Teaching

megandw said...

This looks so fun! Thanks!

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

This looks like so much fun!! :)

kinderpond said...

Okay- the glasses are awesome!!!


Jennifer said...

Love it!!

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Unknown said...

Looks great...and delicious!
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Allyson McGuire said...

I am about to teach a pre-K lesson about sorting! These are so cute. Thank so much for sharing!


Miss Kindergarten said...

At first I thought your kiddos were really wearing the glasses! haha! so cute :)


Miss S. said...

Don't you hate it when you fall asleep in the middle of working on something! I do that all the time!
Miss S
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Unknown said...

The gummy bears are so cute!!

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Jessica said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog for the details! =)
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Unknown said...

I love this! super Sped friendly!

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Sharon said...

The gummy bears are so cute!! ✿Valerie Grow Up Learning

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