Monday, February 13, 2012

So I have to share a story with yall...

If you are eating, drinking, or enjoying the tiniest little snack, you might want to come back later for this post! BECAUSE I'm the crazy blogger that finds it completely necessary to share with you that today....


As a special ed. teacher using the PEC for puking just seemed appropriate.

Seriously, I teach pre-school, this day was coming and considering there as been a G.I. bug in our building for what seems like a month now, no joke, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

This child hadn't stepped foot in my classroom for more than a millisecond when I knew it. Today is the day a child pukes. No color in his face, holding his stomach, walking slowly. I took him to the nurse, but no temperature. He didn't want to lay down so we basically went down to the classroom to wait until our doom. He wanted to be with his friends, went about our daily routine as normal then, pew! I must commend him though, he made it to the trashcan, hallelujah! I'll spare you from the other G.I. bug stories from our building. Trust me, they *might* make you get sick yourself! Yuck!

Well, now that I found it necessary to share my story with you, I'm sure you have some stories to share. Especially your first one!

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Unknown said...

When I saw the symbol for "puke" in my newsfeed, I immediately thought, oooohh no!

I had a puke incident a couple weeks ago, lucky for me I was helping my aid in the bathroom with one of those issues, which for for some reason, I can handle WAY BETTER than puke!

eeegghh. puke. puke smell. puke .

hope tomorrow is pukeless :)

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Jessica Laurine said...

I had a student last year who would MAKE himself throw up when his clip moved to red. It always happened to be after lunch too! And unlike your sweetie, he purposely didn't make to the trash can. Oh, the joys of teaching the little ones!

The Littlest Scholars

Delighted said...

I've experienced several, but the most memorable is when a kiddo puked and it spewed all over my shoes. Not a memory that I like to think about!!!

First Grade Delight

Unknown said...

Wish I could say it was your last! lol
First Grade Blue Skies

Unknown said...

I'm the the biggest wimp with throw-up. When it happens, I'm the first one out of the room and I won't go back in until it is cleaned up without a hint of a smell. I'll teach outside. I can't stand it!!
That's terrible that your student wasn't sent home earlier. You can see the child has zero pigment and is clearly not feeling well.
Our nurse is the same way. However, she does send them home if they have had diarrhea. So, I'll tell my kiddos to say they have diarrhea and then they get to go home!

Casey Wiggins said...

Yuck! I can totally relate! I have a change of clothes in my desk AND in my truck because I have been puked ON more than once! Oh, the joys of teaching! :)

Second Grade Math Maniac

Miss Amanda said...

I am a big wimp and so is my classroom assistant. We end up calling our AWESOME janitor who takes care of clean up and removal. We have also had the bug going around and (cross my fingers) we have not had an incident.

Erin Lukas said...

I ALWAYS tell myself I should keep a change of clothes! Especially with these little ones!!

Katherine said...

Oh Erin you poor thing! I've had it happen on my shoe before. We've had the horrible GI bug at our school as have been out for days!

Kristin said...

Last year, I had a kid throw up all over his desk. And upon his desk was the BRAND NEW COINS that we were exploring for our new Money Unit in Math. Yep.
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, not fun! I'm sure you're going to get a whole bunch of puke stories now but...I once had a kid puke all over his desk, and when he got up to leave, stopped and puked into like 4 more different piles...and all the way down the stairs. It was TERRIBLE! But I totally laugh about it now.

Jennifer K. said...

Luckily puke doesn't bother me, and even luckier it doesn't bother the little boy in my class who got puked on a few weeks ago. His face was priceless though, it was a cross between "Really?! You couldn't have turned your head 2 inches to the right?!" and "Oh well, I guess it'll wash off." I quickly scrubbed off the boy, sent my class across the hall to kindergarten and took the poor puker down to the office for a change of clothes and a call to grandma to come get her. Then I got 15 glorious minutes of freedom while my rug was cleaned and dried! Honestly, those stolen moments made my day that day!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Unknown said...

Oh Sweet Erin, I am so sorry! What a day! All my puke stories have run together! Here's to hoping your Valentines Tuesday is much better! :)
Crayons and Curls

Busy Bees said...

It will be the first of many experiences!! Our custodian has puke duty at all times which has to be the worst job of the world! I could write a book about my worst puke stories!

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