Thursday, February 16, 2012

So, Valentine's Day is Over...

...what now?! Really, like we teachers never know of something to teach! Next week my kiddos and I are doing Circus! Actually, my student teacher will be doing all the planning next week :( that makes me sad! I want to plan fun activities! Especially because I have put together this super fun "Under the Big Top" Circus Unit! At least I'll get the activities printed, cut, and prepped for next year!

In this unit you will find:

Peanut Counting: Look at the number on the peanut bag, and count out that number of peanuts. You could use either real peanuts (if no allergies) or cut out the peanuts included in this unit. Squares on the pages will help students with one to one correspondence. (pgs. 3-13)

Clown Balloon Match: Match the correct number card to the clown holding the correct number of balloons. (pgs. 14-19)

Circus Memory: Print out two sets of these cards to play a memory game. You could also use these cards for patterns. (pgs. 20-21)

Find the Rabbit: Place the magician & alphabet cards on the floor or in a pocket chart. Hide the rabbit behind a letter card. Students identify the letter & then see if they can find the rabbit! Numbers 1-10 also included. (pg. 22- 27) You’ll find the rabbit on pg. 47

Circus Word Wall Cards: Use these for your word wall or as vocabulary cards to introduce the unit. (pg. 28- 32)

Roll & Record Circus Animals: Print out and assemble the dice. Use the recording sheet to collect and analyze the data. (pg. 33- 34)

Word Family Sort: Print the balloon sorting mats. Cut out the smaller balloons with the words for sorting. Student record their sorting on the recording sheet under each word family heading. A page of blank balloons is also included for you to create addition words. (pg. 35- 44)

Clown Positional Game: Print a class supply of clown faces. Provide students with a small manipulative. I would use candy circus peanuts so they could eat them at the end! Provide students verbal directions on where to place the peanut (on top of his head, on his nose, on his bow tie, etc.) Observe for understanding. (pg. 45)

Circus Measuring: How many peanuts long is each picture? You could use circus peanuts or print additional peanuts from page 13 for this activity. Student record their answers on the recording sheet. (pg. 46- 49)

I hope you are ready for some circus fun in your classroom! Click one of the buttons below to purchase this unit!



Jennifer said...

This looks so cute!!

The First Grade Dream

Unknown said...

Love the circus!
First Grade Blue Skies

Unknown said...

That looks great Erin!!

Julia said...

I just added this to my cart! Looks great!

Loving & Learning in Pre-K

Natalie said...

Oh so cute! Looks great!

Teachery Tidbits

Kristin said...

Looks super cute!!!!
I totally get what you mean about the student teacher doing all the planning -- it's always a struggle for me to let go!! :)
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