Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 on 12 Linky Party

I'm stopping in to link up with Kacey for her 12 on 12 linky party, and then I'm disappearing from blog land again. Kidding. Only kinda. I know I have been m.i.a. for a while and I need to be honest and let you know that might not change for a week or two. I'm swamped with IEPs (I need write seven of them before the 29th!), assessment data, and my grad class wrapping up. And how could I forget my blog designs!

1. Mother's day shopping this morning-- found things I liked for myself. Adding this wallet to my wishlist.
2. Did come home with some shopping goodies.
3. Watermelon snack after my shopping.
4. My venti green tea with 3 equal. On a green tea kick.
5. Time to work on my mentoring portfolio. Does your school district have a mandatory mentoring program for new teachers? Ick.
6. My new gold bow earrings! Love. them.
7. Kettle corn snack!
8. Portfolio finished, now on to my grad class final exam.
9. Dinner--thanks to my dad! ( A perk of still living at home...)
10. Laundry, done. Put away? I won't hold my breath.
11. My dad got me sour patch kids after I commented I wanted something sweet.
12. Working on blog designs. If this one is yours, and you're reading this, I guess you are getting a pre-preview! :)

Head on over to Kacey's blog to link up for the party! I love photo stalking! :)



Miss Squirrels said...

You are going to be UBER busy! But at least you will have cute accessories and sweets while you work:)

Going Nutty!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Your dad sounds so sweet! Good luck with all your crazy buzziness!! Miss you!

Sandy said...

Hang in there!!! You can do it!!! Almost there!!!!! :-)

Unknown said...

First Grade Blue SKies

Miss Kindergarten said...

How is your crazy busy schedule going?? Come baaaack!!!

Rhonda said...

I just found your blog, it's so cute.I am your newest follower.
A teacher's work just never seems to end. The end of the school year is SOOO crazy.
Hang in there.
Classroom Fun

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