Friday, June 22, 2012

Monthly Self Portrait Book

It's the end of the first week of my summer vacation and I am already checking off something from my to do list!

During the school year I have my students draw monthly self portraits. We display them on a bulletin board and at the end of the year I laminate the covers and make a book for them to take home on the last day of school.

When we first introduce drawing our self portraits, we use Mat Man. Just in case you aren't familiar with him...

In late spring we stop using mat man and draw our best pictures of ourselves! I wish I had some pictures of my students drawing their self portraits, but I don't. :(

Last summer I made all new pages for our self portrait book and it was on my to do list for this summer to share them with you! Here is a preview of each months page. It also includes a line at the bottom for students to write their name. This is a great way to document progress on drawing and name writing. I love looking at the books made at the end of the year to see how the students progressed from September to May.

Even though we don't use the pages for June, July, & August, I have included them in this packet for some of those who may need them.

Included in the file, is also a cover page. The cover is a word document so that you can edit it to include your school name, school year, and teacher name if you choose. You will also have to edit the font. The font I used for my cover is DJ Crayons for DJ Inkers Super Fontastic CD.

To purchase the Monthly Self Portrait Book, click on the link to the stores below!



YearntoLearn said...

Cute as can be. Love the mat idea.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Lisa R. said...

That's an adorable idea. I would love to see how their perception of themselves would change over the year. Very cute!
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