Saturday, August 11, 2012

Create Your Own Lesson Plan Book

There are 3 things I'm certain of.

1. We have all seen this post/image in blog/pinterest land.

Creating your own lesson plan book! [click photo for original post]

2. We all added this idea to our to-do lists.

3. We were all in tears when we realized there was no template available for this idea.

There was one 1 thing I was uncertain of.

1. Can I make a template for this myself?

Well, I am now certain that I can do it. Because I did. I made my own lesson plan book. Do I love it? ABSOLUTELY! I feel like it's my baby. No more writing in everything, EVERY. WEEK. and drawing those lines EVERY. WEEK. Here's how it turned out.

Sorry for the horrible lighting in the pictures

All ready to be filled in!

First I created a template for my lesson plans on word & was sure to change my settings to legal size paper. 

After some time of aligning, tweaking, and typing, it was time to print.

I had to babysit my printer through this process--maybe you won't have to. I then fed the paper back through the printer so that I could get double sided pages.

Next, I had to create my front cover & back cover. Legal size too!!

I purchased some legal size laminating pouches to use with my home laminator for my front and back cover.

All pieces ready to go to Staples!

Final step--drive 2.3 miles to your local Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot with all of your pages carefully placed on your lap & get your book binded for around $5 if you wait, or around $2 if you come back later!

I am seriously so in love with this thing! It turned out so much better than expected and will be such a time saver to not have to write in all the schedule info and lines every week.

NOW for the best news--you can buy a template for yourself! It's a word document so you can edit it, but I suggest googling and downloading the font "PlainPrint" so that the font does not show up funny!

When you purchase this template, you will also receive 3 editable cover options to choose from. Just edit and print your favorite one! Here are the options included:

Google and download the font "Champagne & Limousines" for the font used in the title pages. These too are editable to your preference, I just included my information to inspire you!

Here is a close up of the schedule template and the page I made to go right after my cover page.

No, we won't be eating snack right after lunch. That header up there also includes nap/quiet/bathroom

Sorry this post is super long! I just had a lot of detail and information to share with you!

Click here to purchase this kit/templates on TpT! 

P.S. I will be participating in the TpT back to school sale, starting tomorrow! Go add this item to your wishlist now! :)



Miss Kindergarten said...

Love it and love those fonts!!!

Jodi Wolpink said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas! I just created this using Pages and it came out great! I love following your blog for new ideas for the classroom. I am also a pre-k teacher in a classroom for children with autism.

Jessica said...

I love all your stuff and your blog! I am just getting into the blog world and its confusing sometimes ha! But I am looking into programs to create items like you have and I was wondering which program you use?

Anonymous said...

Great Ideas! Thanks :)

Tales of Teaching in Heels

Evan Raymonds said...

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