Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Add Fun to the Start of the School Year!

....with an air-cast walking boot! Yep. This is real.

I have a stress fracture in my ankle--from running.

 I will be starting a school year with a robot leg. I feel like I have a toddler sitting on my foot. I'm sure this should make things really interesting. I can't get up and down from the carpet that well, and since I teach 3 & 4 year olds, that's where I like to be. Praise the Lord I have no "runners" in my class this year.

At least I don't have crutches with it.

And I only need to paint 5 toes instead of 10 toes.

And I got all of my classroom furniture moved BEFORE the boot. [not before the injury...]

Let me tell you, this thing is truly exhausting to walk around in. And my shoe selection is very limited to whatever shoe brings my right foot to the same height as my left one...

But if it rains, I'll only need 1 rain boot!

Have you ever had the pleasure of wearing one of these things? What tips can you offer me--I'm open to any suggestions!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Aw man! That's a bummer. It doesn't look so bad next to your rain boot!! One of my new students has a broken arm and it's the same hand he writes with! I am freaking 9 years I have never had anything like that. Not sure how he will write. I hope your ankle feels better soon!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Kristin said...


Unknown said...

Ohh girl, I feel your pain! I have been in one of these things for the past 5 weeks and it hasn't exactly been the highlight of my summer. I get to go back to the doctor on Monday to see if I can take it off. Suggestions...I put a stool in the shower to sit on which makes that situation easier. And even though it's a given try to stay sitting as often as possible. It's hard on your one good leg when you are standing with all your pressure on it too long. Rolly chairs are nice because you can steer yourself with your good foot. I hope you heal quickly & have no runners!!!

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First

Mrs. Shelton said...

Oh no! That stinks! So sorry! The rain boot really blends in!!! I would wish you rain, but then I am afraid your boot may get wet and stinky so I won't! :)

Kindergarten Korner

Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

That stinks! On the plus side, your toenail color is so cute!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Anonymous said...

That stinks! I didn't know you could get a stress fracture from running, is that something common or just kind of a freak accident? Hope you heal quickly!

Rhea said...

I had one of those lovely things a few years ago. My daughter liked the smell of the spray sunscreen and had sprayed it in our laundry room. I was on my way to "Meet the Teacher Night" at my school and ended up in the emergency room instead. I was fortunate as well That I got the boot and not crutches because I had a student in a wheel chair that year. Sorry I don't have any advice, but I thought I would share my story, thanks for sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

You look nice with one rain boot.

Anonymous said...

Nice rain boot. Why aren't you wearing the other one?

Anonymous said...

Where is your other rain boot?

Anonymous said...

One Brown Hunter boot, one black cast

Anonymous said...

Nice sock what sock is it

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