Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apples, Apples, Apples! & FLASH SALE

Well this genius mixed up their theme weeks and while I had planned to do apples last week and this coming week, I actually did colors instead. So we're flip flopping those 2. My bad.

Purchasing these items individually in my store would cost you $6.50

Well this year, I have created a 60 page Apples Unit that includes all 3 of those activities, and  7 MORE! You can purchase the Unit for $9.00. That's only $2.50 more for 7 additional activities!

Included Activities:

Apple Dramatic Play: Print as many items as you need to set up your apple bakery in dramatic play. Add plastic apples, pie tins, baskets, rolling pins, and empty spice containers. There are also vocabulary cards to display in your house area, or use to introduce the theme. (pg. 3-10)

Number Recognition: Print these number cards and laminate. Students count the apples and find the correct number to velcro to the card. Use the recording sheet to set this up as a math center. (pg. 11-21)

Apple Counting: I recommend the Martha Stewart apple punch for counting manipulatives for this activity, but you could use erasers, mini apples, red pom-poms, etc. Students have to count out the number of apples needed for each basket. Numbers 1-12 (pg. 22- 33)

Apple Memory: print 2 sets of these cards to play an apple memory and/or matching game. (pg. 34 36)

Apple Sequence: Sequence the apple cards of the seeds, the tree, the single apple, the apple slices, and the apple pie. Also included is a cut and paste worksheet for the same activity. The worksheet could be printed on card stock and laminated and simply used as an activity board for younger students (pg. 37- 39)

Apple Alphabet Game: Cut out apples to place in a pocket chart or on the floor. Hide the worm behind an apple. Students identify a letter and check to see if the worm is hiding behind it. Play until the worm is found! Great time filler activity & way to practice letter identification! (pg. 40- 42)

Apple Action Cards: Print and laminate these apples (14) for the students to “pick” an apple. I display mine on a tree made with bulletin board paper or draw one on a whiteboard. Read the action out loud and do it as a group. Keep picking until each student has a turn. (pg. 43- 49)

Apple Puzzles: Cut out the puzzle pieces and students put them together by placing strips in number order. (pg. 50- 52)

Apple Taste Testing: taste test red, green, and yellow apples in the classroom. Give students the color apple that corresponds to their favorite one. Display on your chalk board, easel, chart paper, etc. Use the graphing worksheet to complete as a whole group. (pg. 53- 54)

Magnet Activities: Print these pages, laminate, and put them on a cheap cookie sheet. Students use circular magnets to place on the white circles. (pg. 55- 59)

Here are some previews:

To download this apples unit, click here to go to my TpT store! Check out my other items too, this flash sale of 15% off ends Sunday Night!


Jen's Kinder Kids said...

This unit looks great! I love the graphics you used!

Jen's Kinder Kids
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Erin Lukas said...

Thanks! Its a combination from several designers, mostly Just so Scrappy & their Applelicious Kit. But there are also some images by JW Illustrations, Scrappin Doodles, and Goodness & Fun!

...Can you tell I'm a clip art addict! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!!! I wish I had an opportunity to use fun things like these! :(

Ms. W
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