Friday, January 11, 2013

Brr! Winter Activity Bundle--Updated & Aligned with Teaching Strategies Gold

Ideally I would have posted this updated unit, I don't know, say a week and a half ago! Maybe 2 weeks ago. I knew I wanted to update the unit--spruce it up, add new activities, combine some activities together, but it has taken me FOR.EV.ER.

When I first made this unit, I made it in Word. I have since become enlightened to the ease of Powerpoint for making units, so whenever I update an old one I copy everything over into a Powerpoint document, then delete my Word one. Goodness, this is tedious. It takes me so long. Partially because I lose patience easily and have to take about 801 breaks.

Then whilst updating, I got the genius idea to align the activities with Teaching Strategies Gold. That is the assessment piece we use in our Pre-School for all students, and to my knowledge it is fairly popular amongst Pre-Schools. Even some Kindergarten's may use it, as it is aged up to 6.

Listed after each activity is the TSG objective that the activity targets. I hope this will help make some of your planning easier! Even if you don't use TSG, your assessment most likely includes very similiar objectives that you can find the equivalent to.

So without further ado, let me share what it is included in my updated Brr! Winter Activity Bundle!

Activities 1-5

Mitten Match: Print out two sets of the mitten cards below. Turn cards over to play a matching game. Students can also match hats, scarves, and mittens together by their colors. (pg. 3- 4) 
TSG: 13. Uses classification skills

Penguin Feed: Print out the penguin cards and feed the penguins that number of fish. Buy a container of goldfish for this activity. Include tweezers for fine motor practice. (pg. 5- 9)
TSG: 20. Uses number concepts and operations. A. counts. B. quantifies. C. connects numerals with their quantities.

Hot Cocoa Count: Print out the cocoa cups and put that number of marshmallows in each cup. Buy a bag of marshmallows (or white pom-poms) for this activity. Include tweezers for fine motor practice. (pg. 10- 14)
TSG: 20. Uses number concepts and operations. A. counts. B. quantifies. C. connects numerals with their quantities.

Penguin Alphabet Game: Print out the penguins and the fish. Hide the fish behind a penguin and have students guess letters to find the fish. A pocket chart works great for this activity. (pg. 15- 19)
TSG: 16. Identifies knowledge of the alphabet a. identifies and names letters.

Winter Spelling: Print the spelling cards. Use small letter tiles, or the included letter printouts. Laminate and apply Velcro. Students look for the missing letters to spell the winter words. (pg. 19- 21)
TSG: 16. Identifies knowledge of the alphabet a. identifies and names letters.
TSG: 17. Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses b. uses print concepts
TSG: 18. Comprehends and responds to books and other texts b. uses emergent reading skills

Activities 6-10
Winter Sorting: Print out the cards and the sorting page. Students look at the cards and sort winter items that you wear and winter items that you enjoy. (pg. 22-23)
TSG:12. Remembers and connects experiences b. makes connections
TSG: 13. Uses classification skills
TSG 22. Compares and measures

Snowman Size Sort: Print snowmen and have students place them in size sequence order. (pg. 24- 26)
TSG: 22. Compares and measures

Counting Cards: Students count the number of items on each card and then clip a clothespin on the correct number. (pg. 27- 33)
TSG: 20. Uses number concepts and operations a. counts b. quantifies c. connects numerals with their quantities

Winter Pattern Cards: Students look at the patterns on each card to fill in the missing pieces of the pattern. Missing pieces included. Worksheet for coloring in a pattern also included. (pg.34- 38) 
TSG: 23. Demonstrates knowledge of patterns.

5 Little Snowmen Chant: Use this chant sheet and snowmen props to act out the 5 Little Snowmen with your students. (pg. 40- 42)
TSG: 3. Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations
TSG: 8. Listens to an understands increasingly complex language a. comprehends language b. follows directions
TSG: 34. Explores musical concepts and expression

Activities 11-12

Alphabet Igloo Sorting: Sort the penguins by the letter that is on them. Put them into the correct igloo. (pg. 43- 54) THE WHOLE ALPHABET IS NOT INCLUDED.
TSG: 13. Uses classification skills
TSG: 16. Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet a. identifies and names letters

Color Matching Penguins. Look at the color background of the penguin card. “Feed” that penguin the matching color fish. (pg. 55- 58)
TSG: 22. Compares and measures

Shew, that's a lot! I'm excited about the update to this unit AND my idea to include the TSG strategies. Why I never thought of that sooner, I'll never know. If you already purchased this unit be sure to download the update. If you don't already own it, but sure to check it out & add it to your shopping cart!



Sandra said...

That pack looks GREAT!!
Sweet Times in First

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

Love love love it! So many choices to use in this set!

Simply Kinder

lulustudio said...

Thanks for making such a great packet!!! Love it as always!

Sarah said...

These are really adorable! Have you heard of Serif Drawplus? That's the program I use to create centers and units. It's very similar to photoshop, but much easier to use. You can create and move things around very quickly then publish to PDF with ease. Check into it. I got a cheaper older version from amazon for something like 14 bucks :)


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