Sunday, March 24, 2013

SPLAT! Where's the Easter Bunny?! Activities

Last weekend when I came across this book I thought it would be so fun to read with my pre-schoolers. I'm not typically a fan of lift the flap books (trust me, pre-schoolers can reek havoc on these things), but as a teacher directed activity, I figured we'd be in the clear. 

I always like to have something to engage my students while reading, hence my continuous use of "activity cards". I had to think about how I wanted to create something with this text. I decided on creating cards of the items that were lift the flaps. The student who has the picture of the flap will get to come up and lift that flap to reveal what is behind it.

These sequencing cards can also be used to re-tell the story. I have also included them in a 3.5  x 3.5 size to use in a pocket chart if that interests you more.

BUT WAIT! There's more! :) In addition to the sequencing cards I have made a few other activities to go with the text. Here is what is included:

Sequence Cards: Sequencing cards to use while reading the text. The cards are for the images that you fold down. Pass them out to students. The student holding the card of the image gets to come up and turn down that flap.  See the activity cards for my idea to end the story! (pg. 3- 8)

Pocket Chart Sequencing: The same images on the other sequencing cards, however, these are sized to fit into a pocket chart. (pg. 9- 11)

Duck Counting: The back of the book suggests to try and count the amount of ducks found in the book. Using this idea, I have created a mini activity. Tell students prior to reading to keep in their heads the amount of ducks they see. After reading the text, allow students to make guesses. Record their responses. Students use the worksheet to fill in along with you. Together, answer the questions at the bottom of the worksheet. As a whole group, go back through the text and count the ducks. Students try and draw that number of ducks in the box at the bottom. (pg. 12)

Making Inferences: Take your students on a picture walk through the book. Ask them where they think the Easter Bunny is hiding. Give them the activity sheet to write where they think the Easter Bunny is and to draw a well illustrated picture of the hiding bunny. (pg. 13)

Where is the Easter Bunny Hiding Game: Match the pictures of the hiding Easter Bunny to the correct sentence. Can be used in a pocket chart too. (pg. 14- 21) 
You can purchase these Splat Activities in my TpT store by {clicking here} I hope they are something you will be able to use and your kiddos will enjoy! When you purchase this item, you will also get the Teaching Strategies Gold Objectives that the activities align with.


Dana said...

This looks so cute! Don't you just love Easter? Everything is so happy looking!

Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

Jess said...

Oh man I this whole long comment and it didn't post!

The people that use our school as a church on Sunday did this from all the teachers before Spring Break! Everyone loved them! They looked like the first picture you showed. Attached was a Easter quote from the bible would I thought was a nice touch. I think that for school though your tags are just wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Now if only this weather would corporate with our Spring plans!

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