Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patty's Day Update!

Yes, I have a calendar. I know St. Patty's day is on Sunday. And yes I know that you are all doing your St. Patty's themed activities this week and I am just now posting my update for this unit. I can live with that.

For many of you, who already own this unit, this is going to be a great deal for you! You paid only $2.00 to get my mini-unit and will now be able to update to my not so mini anymore unit, free of charge!

Perhaps you can just plan to use these activities next year and will already have them on file! 

As a mini unit, there were 5 activities included. The "St. Patty's Day Not so Mini Anymore Unit" includes 11 activities! These activities have all be aligned with Teaching Strategies Gold for easy objective alignment! 

Here are the details of the activities: 

Pot of Gold Counting: Identify the number on each black cauldron. Put that number of golf coins in the pot (1-12). Use the recording sheet to practice writing the numbers.. Use the included gold coins or use plastic ones! (pg. 3- 10)
Vocabulary Words: 6 vocabulary words to use to introduce your St. Patty’s Day Mini Unit. I use mine during morning message. (pg. 11-13)
Number Puzzles: Students put the numbers in sequential order to discover the picture on the puzzle. Also includes puzzles without numbers. (pg. 14-19)
Memory Game: Print and laminate two sets of these cards to engage your students in a memory game. (pg. 20)
Letter Hunt: Use a dot paint marker to find all of the letter ‘S’ on the sheet. Mark each one that you find. (pg. 21)
Shamrock & Leprechaun Hat Letter Writing: Laminate and place these cards in your writing area with expo markers. Students can practice writing capital (shamrocks) and lower case (Leprechaun hat) letters. (pg. 22- 35)
1-20 Number Cards: Use these cards for themed flash cards, or a sequencing activity. My students will use these in a pocket chart to put numbers in order. Or I will set up the numbers with ones missing. Students will have to find the missing number. (pg. 36-40)
Action Cards: Flip cards over. Student picks a card and the whole group does the action on the card. 12 cards included. Great for “brain breaks” (pg. 41-43)
Roll & Color Even or Odd Game: Use the dice given, or print the cards included to put inside of a photo dice. Students roll and look to see what color is on top. If it’s even, color in a block on the even side. Vice Versa for odd numbers. When a number reaches the top the game is over. (pg. 44- 48)
Roll & Color Picture Game: Use the dice given, or print the cards included to put inside of a photo dice. Students roll and look to see what picture is on top. Color in the block for that picture. When one picture reaches the top, the game stops. Answer the questions at the bottom. (pg. 49-52)
Swallowed a Clover Activity Cards: Use these activity cards while reading “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover”. Students listen and bring up the card they have when it is read in the story, or, give the cards to a student to see if he/she can recall the story. (pg. 53- 56)

If you already own this unit, be sure you update it to grab the 6 additional activities! If you don't already own it, be sure to add it to your collection of resources!

Honestly, timely updates on my Hippity Hoppity Fun Easter unit, aren't likely. (Easter is early this year, and let's be honest, I'm just now updating St. Patrick's!) But you can always snag it now and then get the updated unit for free!


This is one of my favorite units! :)


The Polished Teacher said...

Your Easter unit looks adorable! I just love the fun spring colors! They make me want the sunshiney weather so badly! Have a great rest of the week!


Leslie said...

Looks fantastic - these holidays keep sneaking up on me too!

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