Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Bucket List Linky Party

Three ever so lovely bloggers are hosting a "Summer Bucket List" Linky Party. What a great idea! And as if I don't already feel like my list is long enough, I can read all of the other posts and get even MORE ideas. 

I'm going to preface my summer bucket list by mentioning that I am working summer school and taking 1 grad class. I swear the end is near on this masters degree and I will be ecstatic when it gets here. That said, some of the items on this list might really be a stretch. I mean, honestly, who ever has time to leisurely read anymore??

1. MOVE OUT. Seriously. This is #1 on my list because IT HAS TO HAPPEN. I really, really, really need to move out of my parents house. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been that bad, and it's been excellent as far as saving money is concerned, but when it's time, it's time. And now, it's just time. Here are some lovely ideas for home design/organization that I have pinned and would love to use in a new space of my own!

2. RE-ARRANGE MY CLASSROOM. The set up worked, but as the school year went on I was wishing I had space for different things, especially given my student population. I'm envious of this break area at The Autism Helper. I don't have the space to make one as amazing as hers, but creating a better break area is at the top of my "re-arranging list".


3. READ. I never have time to leisurely read anymore. When I have time to read, it's typically a text book that needs to be read and when it's not a text book, I'm so burnt out from reading said text book that I don't wanna read! I had to start a Pinterest board for books I want to read so I wouldn't forget. Maybe I should finish the started 2 in my kindle first. Yes, 2. 

4. STEP MY TPT GAME UP. I really need to, I do. I need to do more to share out my products, I need to create more, and I need to create more FREEBIES! Between work and grad school, I find that when I have a spare second I don't want to do anything! Imagine that, right? So TpT has sort of become something I create for when I have the time and motivation. If I want to tackle my long list of product ideas then I need to MAKE the time this summer.

5. MAINTAIN CLEAN EATING. Starting Monday (5/27) I'm going to a clean eating diet. I'm hoping to reap the benefits of eating clean that provide you with great energy and just feeling better. I'm not looking forward to the adjustment period, nor am I giving up my coffee quite yet. I'm contemplating blogging about this adventure. I know it's not teaching related, but hey, we all like to read something different every now and then right

Hopefully my bucket list items weren't too boring for you. And in between all of those things I'm sure I can stick the gagillion and nine Pinterest craft ideas, but these are top five. I hope I get to all of them. These three months sure do fly by fast.

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Mrs. Richardson's Class said...

OOOOHHH!! I would love for you to blog about your clean eating adventure!! I also can't wait to see how you decorate your new place! I totally love your style! You must share pictures!
Mrs. Richardson's Class

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Share your clean eating adventures. I too am starting Memorial Day. 10 weeks of summer equals 10 lb weight loss. :)

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